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I made a horrific mistake

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...and I'll blame it on the machine showing the results.

Yes, here it is, post holiday time. I knew I shouldn't do it, but I was tempted the way a scab tempts you to peel it off even though you know it will bleed. Yes, folks. After my shower, I *sob*, I stepped on the scale.

The travesty! The horror! The groaning and squeaks of springs and gears that seemed like they'd never stop spinning! The wide eyes as I looked at the number, thinking, "That can't be right! Can it?" And here I just thought my pants must've shrunk in the wash.


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I had a different problem. On Monday, I worked outside in the noon day sun, Madman that I am, and I lost 5 kilos (about 11 pounds).

Naturally being a hypochondriac, I was convinced I had every wasting disease known to man.

I'm happy to report that I replaced the lost fluids and back came my weight to nearer its normal 60 kilos.

My hypochondria is also in remission.

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