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I just re-read the collaborative series we did here, posted in the Flash Fiction forum as Uni.

Lovely to be reminded of it, it's rather wonderful, with its prequel and epilogue too. Well over ten years ago now, but fresh as a daisy.

I doubt it's ever featured in Readers Rule, it was, after all, a bit of a one-off.

I've read a few other collaborative stories, and participated too, and sometimes it works better than others. But I've never come across anything so serendipitous and perfect as this. We didn't plan it at all, it just happened. Truly delightful.

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We did have fun with that, didn't we Bruin.  Largely because so many AD writers pitched in, and kept up a lively conversation in and around the posted episodes.  It was a collaboration filled with good will.

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The good old days with this forum were when it was active with many frequent participants.  I see no reason why that can't still pertain, even while so often hearing that you can't go back again.  That wouldn't be true if people would simply step forward again.  This was so much fun, and it can be again.

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