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Today's joke of the day

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The teacher asks all the children in grade 3 at a Primary School in London to give a quick talk to the class about what their Father does for a job.

When its the turn of Little Johnnie, he stands up and talks about how his Father works in a late-night Gay Bar where he dances seminude on stage and the patrons can put Pound notes in his bum cheeks and sometimes he might even continue on partying with them after work into the early hours of the morning and not even come home that morning...

The teacher is bright red and outraged. She tries to shut him up but he will not be silenced. She waits for him in the passage when the class is finished and demands to know the truth from him and why he has spoken such utter rubbish.

"Does your Father dance semi-naked in a GAY BAR"?

"No Miss".

"Do strange men slip Pound notes into his bottom cheeks"?

"No Miss".

"Does he go partying on with strangers into the early hours of the mornings and not even come home some days"?

"No Miss".

"Then tell me what he really does you horrible little boy and stop your lying and your disgusting besmirching of the Man who brought you into this world".


"Well, Miss"......


"Well, Miss... He actually plays cricket for England. I was just a touch too embarrassed to say so.”

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