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While birthing isn't unusual in itself. Having Twins can be. In Philidelphia, the first twin was born on December31, 2023 and the second twin was born 40 minutes later on January 1, 2024. One was even born on Dad's birthday.

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In New York, the cutoff for beginning the school year at a given age is January 1. If the twins lived here, that would mean that one twin could start kindergarten at the age of four whereas the younger twin would have to wait a year to start it at the age of five. I assume the parents would hold the older kid back so that they'd both be in the same grade level, but it would be an interesting experiment to see which twin had the better outcome if one started a year earlier. Would any parents be that cruel? I know of some that would!

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I would expect deleterious effects due to being left alone at home while my twin went out into the world.  Social engagement maturity would suffer, along with self-esteem.  I can't believe the state would be hardassed about this for a matter of mere minutes.

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