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Nightmare or dream

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Have you ever had one of those dreams, or maybe a nightmare, where you are sure you have read something... seemingly important, but just cannot remember where?

Last night I had this one I just could not drop. It was so vivid I can quote it word-for-word. It was about a post I read here on Awesomedude... except, it never was. Never was a post, I mean. The topic had to do with some photos someone had seen on the internet of two boys messing around with a razor and removing hairs in intimate places. These boys were about my and Paco's ages. The person posting actually said he hoped that there were no photos of Paco or me on the internet anywhere, or from Skype, that someone was using to get off.

First, just so there is no question, I do know of one photo of me that got out there, when I was like thirteen. But, at that time I would never have let anyone but Paco or Dad see me naked... I was wearing shorts. Paco on the other hand, has messed up on numerous occasions and given out photos of himself, and played around on Skype as well.

As for removing intimate hairs... Paco calls me his French Hairless, so it was not me in that etheral photo, and Paco would not deign to remove any... even if he needed to, which he does not. Now, if someone from this forum was worried about us, we would be certainly appreciative, but their concern would be misplaced. Our dads are very constrictive about who, what, when and where on the internet we are. On the off-chance our likenesses did show up on a site, or in some dude's hands, and we made someone's day... sokay with us.

At least no one was hurt in the dreaming.

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