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Chris James

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I'm sure some of you read Joe's blog, and if you don't then you are missing out on current events and news in the gay world.

But I have been following Joe for just over a year now and when I saw this today with the simple words: "Just read this" and nothing more I immediately went to the link. It could have been anything from insider news on some hate group to some rollicking adventure posted to the internet...but not so.

What I got is this year's most heartwarming story:


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That is an absolutely fantastic story. What a great Judge who turned out to be an excellent judge of character and put three wonderful people together.

I noticed the title of Peter's latest screenplay is Found (a True Story). I wonder what that's about? :icon_thumleft:

Colin :icon_geek:

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I read it earlier and was as impressed as everyone else. What really got me was the absence of negative comments, about the story, from the far right. So many people people feeling the goodness in the story is just plain encouraging. :hug:

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