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Who is Anonymous and...

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why do they exist?

The news is out as Anonymous, that internet terrorist organization, released information that it plans to attack Israel on April 7th with a massive online disruption of websites. In recent months they have hacked Israeli government sites and released passwords and private information about government employees. In the US we are faced with hacker attacks traced back to the Chinese military. I guess we will be next on the Anonymous list.

I am not a complete computer savy individual, but from what I gather the internet connections around the world are wide open...if allowed. The United Nations has passed rules saying that the internet must not be restricted...like anyone listens to them anymore. But I think it is time to cut out certain nations from access to the internet. Let them start their own internal net and keep them off our web.

Censorship, you say? Of course...screw the idiots that would abuse the system, we don't need them. If Israeli intelligence and the American security people identify just who these Anonymous people are...and no doubt they can...they need to be eliminated, and I don't care how. As for the Chinese, they abuse every single aspect of civilized behavior in the modern world. They deserve to be cut off from the rest of us.

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They just charged a Reuters staff journalist as being one of Anonymous' informants, possibly a staff member (if they have such a thing):


I'm all for exposing the truth and fighting for justice, but I draw the line at terrorism and threats. That's a buncha bullshit.

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Terrorists and threats of terrorism and violence are not to be condoned, however there is much to be said for peaceful public exposé and discussion of authoritarian regimes. Anonymous represents those radicals who desire to confront that corruption in society. They are using the Internet to do so.

No I am not a member of Anonymous

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No I am not a member of Anonymous

Glad to hear that, Des. Even with that silly white Anonymous mask on I'm afraid the orange hair all over your body would give you away. Go have a banana and just be glad you don't have any major secrets to be revealed across the web...or do you?

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The stylised Guy Fawkes mask comes from the movie V for Vendetta and seems to have been chosen to show sympathy with Mr Fawkes desire to blow up the English houses of parliament because of their authoritarian disregard of beneficial and just governance. It's adoption is a radical reaction to inappropriate and unjust legislation believed to be responsible for the community's misery, or at least an impediment to finding fulfilment and the freedom to pursue happiness.

Are Anonymous's activities anti-social? Not really, they are more oriented about effecting a better society based on challenging irrational and corrupt authority. Is such activity, such activist reaction, a rebellion against social order? Yes, it is, but rebellion to effect a change in attitude is precipitated from the inaction, the inappropriate treatment of people by those in the legislature. Where laws have failed the society, then rebellion is a better choice than revolution where, we simply change one authority with another potentially inadequate corrupt authority.

It can be argued that democracy is our current way to govern ourselves, our societies, in a place that is devoted to civilised but rebellious dissent and discourse serving to advance a wider freedom of the human condition. Sadly this is not always the case as factions are often selfishly greedy for power; another corruption against which we should rebel.

When that discourse or process of governance breaks down, or degenerates into some form of despotism and authoritarianism, there is likely to be a reaction, or if we are very unlucky, an acceptance and total submission to the corrupt authority.

Whilst Anonymous and 'Occupy' serve the purpose of alerting us to attacks on our freedoms, their work is to be applauded. Disruption of our daily lives is the price we should be willing to pay, to not lose the right to dissent with corrupt legislatures. However that disruption must not include acts of destruction to human life, otherwise dissent and rebellion can become bloody revolution. And we have seen that happen many times in history. Those who seek power may well find themselves in the positions of authority they despised and fought against.

Those who simply rebel are alerting us to examine our welfare. To that end restricting the Internet to some countries is counter-productive. We should use the Internet to inform and educate the population of those countries. The human race is now global and we need to acknowledge that, even if we are of diverse cultures.

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I suppose Des and I shall always disagree about the motives behind the Anonymous attacks on various parts of the internet. But it seems they are getting closer to recreating the idealism behind Guy Fawkes.

Reminds me that there is a certain Army private in prison, perhaps for life, for giving secret information to the Wikileaks people. The damage is done and perhaps the Army will only sentence him to some time behind bars as opposed to a charge of treason and the death penalty. His risk, his stupidity in the name of "effecting a better society."

And then Anonymous steps up to bat with:


Makes you wonder about the motive of attacking nations. Isn't that an attempt at political change instead of social change? I wonder how many members of Anonymous are Iranian or members of Hamas. Let's take down the military forces in Israel next month, gives us plenty of time to plan our rocket attacks. Yeah that will work, no chance of World War 3 in that approach. They won't nuke us...wanna bet? What fools.

Anonymous has already stated they oppose Israel's attacks on Palestinians, but where is the indignant outrage over the Hamas missles being fired at Israel? You don't throw rocks at lions or you will be eaten. Threatening to disrupt Israel Defense Forces is a stupid act by Anonymous and stupid people don't survive long in the lion's den.

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I need to research more. There are definite concerns with any act of rebellion that can be interpreted as terrorism.

In Australia, we're not intending to aim our rocket at the Middle East as it is needed for our New Year Eve's celebration.

Peace is a strange prize when it has to won by aggressive action, but I do think it can't be gained by acts of terror. It's working out which is which that I find difficult.

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One problem with Anonymous is it's a loosely organized band of rebels who have different motives. Many are teens without much realization of the havoc they cause. They attack willy-nilly because they can. In the process, they're hurting many people. They've hurt small businesses, financial institutions and their customers -- most everyone, that is, and many who have no idea why the institution is being attacked -- governments, hell, society as a whole. Then, after they do something, they pronounce a motive. I wonder if everyone involved in the attack even knew about the motive, and whether the proclaimed one was something they supported Being teens, it's quite possible the main thing they support is creating chaos. Because they can.

Isn't this simply fascism? The strong bullying the powerless? It makes the fascists feel superior. But does it help anyone? Anyone at all? This doesn't seem to be something that will foment change for the good, to me. It seems it may have the opposite effect, a clamping down on the internet freedoms we all now enjoy. Because, when you learn how to attack something, someone starts working on ways to protect it. And laws get passed. And people go to jail.

This doesn't seem like something we should be lionizing to me.


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Cole is right that this is not a black & white issue. I think most of Anonymous' actions have good intent, but their methods and results are dodgy.

I do know the details of the WikiLeaks arrest (the one involving gay Army private Bradley Manning), and that's a pretty awful story. I also think Manning's intentions were honorable, but his timing was bad, and he's been treated like a terrorist -- without the usual rights, without the ability to appeal, and has been held in solitary for a long time. Horrible story. That's one of many cases I would gladly throw money at if I had some handy.

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I've been a hard core geek since before these ass-wipes could boot up their lap tops.

They are legends in their own mind. Junior high mentalities out pissing on things because they know how, not because they have an objective.

The way they work is they go out and look for vulnerabilities, tell their little buddies and then swarm a web site or network.

They aren't particularly skillful for the most part. We call most of them "script kiddies" but there is a very skillful leadership class. They are hard core and quite dangerous.

When you hear them make grand announcements or threaten agencies or companies, this isn't them being socially responsible. They have simply found a vulnerability and are using it to create good PR.

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I'd love to see some hackers attack the Anonymous servers and then listen to their bleating. It would be interesting and amusing.

Colin :icon_geek:

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