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Spoilia Oceani by Monkey Puzzle Tree

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For some reason the Clocks by Coldplay for Cello video that The Dude posted reminded me that I haven't shared with you all a little video movie in which I had a small role.

The movie was made locally, so you get to see some of the local South Australian countryside, and the video was made to celebrate the director's then girlfriend's musical composition and band.

It took hours and heaps of make-up to get me looking like an old man. (Yeah right!)

Anyway whatever you think of it, we all had a great time making the 4 minute video.

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The box should have the image tag on which you click.

I wonder if it is blocked for outside Australia?

Try this link; https://vimeo.com/56618409

I just tried loading it in a U.S.A. proxy address and it worked fine.

It's a Vimeo not a YouTube...I'm not sure what that entails for different browsers. I'm using Chrome at the moment.

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Thanks Cole, I had nothing to do with the moustache or the suspenders. As for driving on the right side of the road, we're more left here so we drive on the left side of the road.

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