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Thanks - seen it a while back and it caused lots of comments due to the rear end bounce. The car as made had no rear shock absorber and it was touted as a good reason for fitting one.

That having been said, my car doesn't have one, but I've never had as bad bounce as Jay has got.

My car, pictured just after having rebuilt it in 2006


Mine's a two speeder, jokingly described as one gear to go up hills, and another to go down them. No reverse gear on mine. Body style is beetleback, Jay's is a barrelback and has a three speed and reverse gearbox.

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The lack of a reverse gear initially was because the Morgan was pitched as the car for the motorcyclist who wanted a bit more. Accordingly as cars went, it was a cheap one. So simplicity was very important. Morgan hung onto the two speed transmission perhaps a bit long, as the Austin 7 in particular was taking sales and they were very keenly priced (my Grandfather had one in 1926).

Sales of three wheelers fell remarkably in the 30's and that was behind the introduction of the four wheeled car in 1936.

A good site to read up on the history is, oddly enough, a German one! http://www.morgan3w.de/

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