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Parents and Teenage Sex

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He is an interesting blog about parents and their attitudes concerning teenage sleepovers. She brings up two interesting facts, the first of which is that Tennessee, that bastion of progressive thinking, has prevented teachers from discussing hand-holding in class because, get this, it's a "gateway sexual activity." The second is that while more and more school districts are choosing "abstinence-only" sex-ed, the United States now has a teenage pregnancy rate four times that of the Netherlands. Interesting blog.


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My folks lived in Tennessee for a couple of years (Red Bank, near Chattanooga). Not exactly a bastion of liberal thinking and tolerance -- more like gun shops and beer joints with a lot of Easy Rider Rifle Rack trucks driving around. Scary place -- though I'm sure there are good people there in some spots.

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Teenagers having sex!? Why that's never happened before. It's an emergency! Everybody panic!

<Sarcasm is an art form among Southerners but it does sadden us when no one can really tell>

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Ah, well that explains it. We used to be walked in a crocodile from the main school building to the gym and we HAD to hold hands.... It was putting your hand in another boy's pocket that was considered verboten.

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