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Ignorant GOP leadership strikes again

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Not too hard to imagine that some in the GOP feel that Hillary Clinton is a threat to their very existence. She has made no move to run for the presidential seat over two years from now and yet the Republican leadership has already shown they are gun shy. Want to scare a Republican these days just yell "Clinton." Here's proof:



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And the fun never stops. It seems there will be no Hillary four hour mini-series because Fox Television Studios has refused to make it. Did I read that right? NBC went to Fox? See for yourself:


Instead we will likely get 16 GOP Presidential debates on Fox which will make us wish we had a Hillary special to look at. :laugh:

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Hillery's Secret Service detail back in the nineties was disciplined numerous times. They didn't like her and kept asking for transfers.

It seems she thought she was royalty and had a tendency to go off on the little people as she called them.

That says a lot about a person.

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Guest Dabeagle

Although I don't approve of such attitudes, I hardly find it surprising considering the size of the ego it takes to run for president or the senate or anything else where tremendous power lay. CEO's right down to retail managers can get an inflated sense of self and politicians are no different.

As far as the country goes, I don't see a GOP candidate who is expressing ideas I would support at this time. I didn't see any from Mitt Romney - and although I don't approve of everything Pres Obama has done, I do think he's been a reasonably capable president - keeping in mind that he, too, must have a huge ego to be where he is.

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Obama has been a disappointment, but when did we last have a president who wasn't? It's been a very long time. I think our form of government can lead to the sort of problem we've had recently, especially if the main thrust of Congress is to thwart the man at the top. That's where politics takes over and common sense and the good of the country falls by the wayside.

I don't see a great leader emerging from either party at the moment. That's what we could use: a great leader. One who can bring Congress together and get them to work for the common good. Which, unfortunately, they don't agree upon.


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Not that I'm so policitcal, I am quite political, the first thing we should do is impose term limits on senators and congressmen, when there is no reason to vacate office, power can corrupt.

Term limits on these two pieces of power would make a difference I think in how things get down.


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Term limits has always seemed like a good idea, Jason, just don't ask Congress to limit themselves, it won't happen.

Perhaps the founding fathers liked the idea of elder men (and not a woman in sight) filling the seats in Congress and bringing their wisdom to bear on the development of our laws. But that was a time in our society where wisdom really did come with age. The only thing we get now is greed.

It doesn't take age or long terms in Congress to be wise these days. A few hundred years ago it took a lifetime to read a lot of books, attend college, become wise and filled with knowledge. Now it seems to happen so much faster thanks to our technical advancement. I say this with sarcasm because just having been exposed to knowledge doesn't mean it sinks in.

America has become obsessed with the cult of personality, the best government money can buy. If I sound cynical it's because I am, based upon knowledge of our political system. Democracy was a fine idea until capitalism usurped our political ideals and turned the focus of our lawgivers away from societies' enhancement to their bank accounts.

We need to get rid of that old "In God we Trust" nonsense and tell the truth. Our new motto is "Greed is Good." Just ask your congressional representative. Write them a letter and your name will never come off their mailing list asking for donations.

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Term limits on these two pieces of power would make a difference I think in how things get down.

Absolutely right. All congressional effort now goes into blocking legislation and preparing for the next election. Reelection without limit is a failure in this country. It leads to careerist officeholders whose only concern is pandering to their votor base and fat-cat money sources, NOT representing the people's interests. Sure, give congressmen and Senators long enough term cycles so they can settle in and learn how to legislate, but--please--no more lifelong terms.

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There is a downside, of course. Some congressmen are actually good. They do a good job, they care about their responsibilities to the country as well as their own constituents, and they've been in office long enough to have learned the many aspects of the job and a knowledge base of their particular interest so can function far better than any neophyte could.

Throwing this type of individual out of office would hurt more than help.

I think there're both good and bad effects of term limits.


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Another downside is that it's easy for incompetent types to get elected, and we can see that in the House of Representatives these days. Makes one feel afraid about what a mess they might make.

Colin :icon_geek:

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That's what we could use: a great leader.

Great Leader? Leave that to the North Koreans.

I just want an honest one. However, we have evolved a system that rewards the best liars.

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