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Tunnel Vision


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[Tunnel Vision]

I’ve rattled sabers with rail yard bulls

Shared whiskey with strangers

and knuckles with fools.

Share knowledge when I’m paid

Seek more when I’m broke,

And we’ve shared words every way,

Even when I never spoke.

I’m watching, I’m searching,

But my ears are often dulled

And if we’ve shared our voices,

Who can say if I’ll recall?

While Detroit winter froze,

I met a writer and an artist

Who spend their days in factories

And nights creating flawless

Works of beauty never shared

Outside the walls of their apartment,

Now reduced to names and numbers

In a locked car’s glove compartment.

The tragedy is that I’ll miss

A thousand more connections

When I put my blinders up

Across a thousand intersections.

But I’ve come to know the truth

In what I heard when I was young:

Adventure’s not an end,

You’ll never get there if you run.

Born brilliant with naiveté

Your ignorance is earned

When you look to someone and say:

“From you, there’s nothing I can learn.”

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