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The Codey's World Forums have joined the AwesomeDude Forums.

Except for the Codey's World Updates subforum, there's not much here yet. Our existing posts will not be able to be transferred from the old CodeysWorld Forums to this new Codey's World Forums on AwesomeDude. So we'll be starting fresh. A fresh start is a good thing!

To simplify our CodeysWorld lives, there are four subforums:

1. Codey's World Updates
Regular weekly updates about stories and authors available at CodeysWorld.com.
This is the one subforum that's complete and up to date.
2. Author Discussions
A place to discuss stories and poems from CodeysWorld Authors.
3. Read Anything Good Lately?
A place to tell us about a good story or poem from other than CodeysWorld.
4. Rants, Raves, Musings, and Whatever
Here's where you can comment about anything and everything, including birthday congratulations.

In these subforums you will be able to read all the topics and posts without registering.
If you want to reply to a post or create a new topic, you'll need to Join AwesomeDude if you're not already a member. You can join by going

The Codey's World site, http://www.CodeysWorld.com, is the same site where you've always read great stories and poems. If you're a Codey's World author, or would like to be a Codey's World author, send your stories to submissions@codeysworld.com.

AwesomeDude and Codey's World have been partners bringing you the best stories and poems to read, for free, on the internet. Your donations to AwesomeDude will keep both sites online. Look for Help Keep AwesomeDude Online! and the Donate button at the top of AwesomeDude Forums pages.

If you have comments, suggestions, or complaints, send them to me at colinian@codeysworld.com.

Colin Kelly
Codey's World Webmaster

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I was kinda wondering when Codey's World forums would make the big change. Unfortunately three or four members occasionally posting doesn't cut it.

Losing the old post is a shame but, as you said, we needed a fresh start. We were going nowhere.

And...once again Colin, I don't know where you find the time to do all that you do.


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So, the CW forum is no longer then? One less place for me to desecrate. My brand of insanity isn't fit for animals, I fit so well here. Lots of animals here.

Sure it is. It's just down near the bottom of the AD forums, under "Codey's World Forums" so you can post there as well.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Wow, I am still a recognized member... huh. I never posted to Codey's World, I do not think. I opted instead for AD... a larger audience for my weird ramblings.

Our hats are off to Colin for keeping this dream alive and kicking. His efforts want to make you buckle down and write something too, does it not? One day I will see my name on the front page of Awesomedude, if Mike faints or something.

This weekend I began editing for a new friend, who aspires to this lofty group. You had all better watch out, for out of the desert comes a dark horse who will capture you in his web of mystery!

The rain here today is keeping us all from the baseball diamond... maybe I should try my hand at this writing business again, while sequestered within this house of yahoos!

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Wow, I am still a recognized member... huh. I never posted to Codey's World, I do not think....

Uh... sorry, Paul. Here's where your stories are posted, on Codey's World:


Colin :icon_geek:

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Ah ha! That wasn't clear. And you're probably right about your not posting to the CW forum. BTW, for anyone who hasn't read Paul's two short stories that are on CW, I recommend that you do so by going to www.codeysworld.com/paul-and-paco/index.html. Then you can begin bugging him about writing more stories and posting them on CW.

Colin :icon_geek:

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