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What the what?

Guest Dabeagle

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Try this link, it appears to work at least for the moment, The one Dabeagle put up was taken down, so this one might be.


I agree with Dabeagle, words fail me at least words that I can publish fail me, I can think of quite a few I would like to use for this woman.

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Guest Dabeagle

I clicked it, it works for me...but my favorite quote, that just sums this up...

After the costume rightly horrified other local parents and a local scandal began to brew, Jackson’s mother Jessica informed a local WHSV news reporter that she didn’t see any harm, and noted her brother had dressed as a Klansman both in kindergarten and a few years later when he was 13. (Writer’s note: it’s unknown if her brother was still in kindergarten the second time he wore the costume.)

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