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Tribute to Homeless Vet & Little Drummer Boy


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James, that was amazing. It horrifies me, reading this, that our country abandons so many of those who have sacrificed so much in service to us. Your story should be required reading for all citizens and all politicians.

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I so miss The West Wing.

Great show. I can remember in the early days of the Iraq War, I saw a few cars in LA with bumper stickers that said, "I'd Rather Vote for President Bartlett." I'd usually honk and give them the thumbs up when I saw that.

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Thanks for posting that, FreeThinker. I too miss The West Wing, but that scene has special meaning to me. My oldest brother was laid to rest at Arlington in June of 1971. And I still cry.

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‚ÄčThis past week the remains of 14 unclaimed veterans were laid to rest at the Fort Worth National Cemetery here in South Florida with full military honors. The ever aging population of these men and women who served this country in uniform will continue to dwindle. A touching reminder that they should never be forgotten.

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