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Yahoo Mail problems

Jeff Ellis

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My email account is one of the millions that have been off-line for the last couple of days. Since they upgraded (if its not broken dont fix it) their email system things have been getting steadily more unstable and now they have fallen over altogether.

I am using a hotmail account in the meantime jellis2006 at hotmail dot co dot uk

Anyone wanting to comfort me in my email loneliness will be very welcome :-)

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Working here! I have a couple of different Yahoo accounts. (I refuse to guy into GMail because I hate the interface, and I dislike Microsoft so I won't use their Live Email service.) They're all kinda crappy, if you want to know the truth.

I actually pay for my Yahoo account because I've had it so long -- 14 years, last time I checked. I got it when I wrote my first novel in 1999-2000, mainly to get email from readers. But I confess, getting support from Yahoo is a total drag.


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Yahoo trumpeted loudly that they had fixed their system, but across the holiday I lost a whole section of inward correspondence that never arrived and as far as I can tell my yahoo based messages to them didnt arrive either. So, if you are sending from or to yahoo addresses that dont seem as active as they were... assume the worst.

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