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"These Kids Are Entirely Too Good At Juggling"


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As a practitioner of the anti-gravitational art, I had to share this. Some students from Gustavus Adolphus College pulling off some throws that had me shouting at my screen in disbelief.

Edit: Just had to mention - check out that strut/club swing at 2:40! Hahaha, perfect.

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And how the hell with all those clubs and rings in the air did none of them ever bump into each other?

First thing you learn as a juggler: How to keep your balls in the air, without having them slap against one another (or against anyone else's). It's all in the rhythm.

And yes, every rule of juggling boils down to a double-entendre involving the word "balls":

Never leave home without your balls.

Never grab someone else's balls without permission.

Keep your balls under control and out of others' personal space.

Everyone's balls eventually drop. Don't let it discourage you.

You might get hit with someone else's balls. Presume that it was an accident and move on.

They're generally good rules for non-jugglers, as well.

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Screw the Organic Chem exam. These guys are amazing and can find gigs in Vegas and make a lot more money than any non-PhD Chemistry graduate. So says Doug, who's currently a PhD candidate.

Colin :icon_geek:

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