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Taz and Kodak 1&2 by Rick Beck


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Suprised this one wasn't here yet. Not to give anything away but take a photographer and put him in the middle of a war and things happen. Life lessons or just staying alive it this case. It's set in the late 60's and has the language used then. It's a good, educational read. Something you'll learn from. I've read book one and am a couple chapters into book two. Book two is a different story altogether. Different realms for both parties. I seen that book three was in the finishing stages. It won't be boring.

Book one. http://awesomedude.com/rickbeck/TnK/index.htm

Book two. http://www.awesomedude.com/rickbeck/Tnk-2/index.htm

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I think the chimp has a part to play in the new book. I've been thru both books a few times, picking up things I've missed on previous reads. Book three should be interesting. There are a couple of storylines to get thru and make new ones at the same time.

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