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Whackos attack popular Disney film

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It doesn't take much to bring the fanatics out of the sewer, and anything Hollywood releases is a prime target. Be it Christian fanatics or just the garden variety nut cases, something like this just proves we need better mental health care in this country:


Oh for goodness sake, this is just a kid's animated spectacular. But some folks see the monsters under every bed in an attempt to scare parents into seeing something that is not there. And of course, those satanic gay people are to blame. Get a life.

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I just love these lines from the article:

Like Skaggs, neither Swanson nor his co-host Steve Vaughn, offer much in the way of specific examples of lines, scenes or even themes in the movie that prove their point. In fact, the only proof of “gay messaging” Skaggs provides is the suggestion that the main character Elsa’s magical power is a metaphor for homosexuality: She is ostracized by the public and even her family, just like the “demonization of homosexuals by society.”

What they seem to be saying is that any demonized people are symbolic of gay people. That means, as these bloggers are against gay people, they're also against all marginalized, segregated, diminished peoples in our society as they too represent gays.

Why is it they see anything that they could possibly think has something to do with homosexuality is something to condemn? Why do they feel so threatened by the fact there are gay people. There always have been. There always will be. Why the fear?

Perhaps she's been reading too many of Orson Scott Card's diatribes.


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What they seem to be saying is that any demonized people are symbolic of gay people.

What made me laugh when I read that line is that they are admitting that they demonize gays. That they are in league with the demons. Oh, joy, they know not what they say! :laugh:

Colin :icon_geek:

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And I believe this was covered in a previous February 12th thread started by Cynus:


And I echoed that I thought the Oscar-nominated song "Let It Go" clearly had gay-coded lyrics and would probably win the Oscar (which it did!):


No doubt, the right-wing fundamentalists see a gay agenda whenever a pop culture film, novel, TV show, or song references the concept that everyone should have a tolerance for people who are different. It's not always about being gay, but I think the message is real even though the bias against it is unreasonable.

Here's a nice story on the Huffington Posti covering the gay angle and what's going on there:


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The Huffington Post article stated, "Though he doesn't cite specific moments in the film as representative of his claims in the audio files that Right Wing Watch highlighted...." Well, I know why. It's because you only can hear the Gay Agenda in the song when you show the movie backwards!" :aak[1]:

Colin :icon_geek:

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Well I have just made my daily observance to the Horned God, my Turning Ten story is off to the editor, wonder if I have time to knock up a film script before I give homage to The Lady?

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