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Mobile phone access and white back grounds

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Some posts on the forum override their text's colour to a light colour such as white or gray.

When accessing the forums from a mobile /cell phone, the forum is a light page- white background, black text. Posts with white text do not show up.

To fix this:

1) update the mobile stylesheet to make it dark page.

2) stop changing colours in posts.

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The reason for changing the text color in my posts has been to allow them to be read more easily by those with vision problems. If someone doesn't like the default site black background for the forums, go to the bottom left corner of any forum page, click Change theme, and pick IP Board. That is a white background theme that we can now use. That's what I've decided to do; that way I won't have to colorize my posts (except my name, see below).

Colin :icon_geek:

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Cole, it's up to the viewer to change the theme. If you click on 'change theme' - at the bottom left hand side of this page - you'll see there are three themes offered. 'Paradox' is the default theme for the site viewed in a browser.

When you view the site on a mobile device the board automatically defaults to the 'IP.Board Mobile theme' which works well, unless the post's text has had it's colour changed. Obviously, white text on a white background is unreadable.

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There is no way I can see to change the theme on a mobile - there is no settings any where, or a theme link.

Gwilym, you can choose to view the 'full version' of the IPBoard which, though not as good as the mobile version on a phone, is usable. It's at the bottom of the screen on my nexus 4. When viewing the full site you can change back with 'use mobile version' which is bottom left.

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