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An Inconvenient Queer by Nigel Gordon

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I wonder how many readers will realise the identity of the person being talked about in the meeting described here. There has been increasing speculation over his death, especially since it was shown that the inquest verdict of suicide was based on no sound facts but pure speculation. Maybe such a meeting did take place. This is an interesting speculation and well worth reading.

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That is a bit of a spoiler. Hopefully anyone coming here will have read the story first as leaving out the name makes the story. Googling mathematician and Bletchley will enable anyone who hasn't got it to understand.

As is usual for Nigel, a masterfully written tale of a past not so long ago. Whether one needs to don a tin-foil hat though is another matter.

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I guessed who was being the subject of the discussion from the first post above; but even if it hadn't, the first few sentences of the discussion would have given me more than a clue.

I enjoyed Nigel's story. I just love conspiracy theories.

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Thanks Paul for editing your post. I think most, if not all of us would have guessed, but the story is a much more enjoyable read when one figures it out for oneself.

The mark of a good literary conspiracy theory is in making the tale believable. To my mind, this one hits the nail on the head.

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Spoiler alert: read the story first!

One has to wonder: did homosexuality play much or any role? Wouldn't a straight man have had the same risks.

Weren't homosexuals during the Cold War era believed to have little or no defense against blackmail, and hence were seen as highly vulnerable to foreign agents?

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Cole, I think the question is more about whether his treatment by the authorities as an homosexual was such that his feelings to his country would be affected in a way that would make him more likely to defect. What is clear is that he that he had found a society in Denmark and Norway where he was not under the pressure of constant observation.

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I am a computer scientist. He is the person I look up to, academically. It really is a shame he 'committed suicide' - he could have made so many more contributions to the field.

The treatment by the police was horrible - ignoring his report because he was gay, and then prosecuting him (and cutting his nuts off).

I liked this story, well done. I like the style.

I also find it amusing how nobody mentions his name in the topic.

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