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Is anyone having problems with FireFox v.33.1?

On 11/11/14, Firefox updated my version to 33.1 on my desktop and since then I've had issues with it. My first clue was McAfee's alert that they tested this page and blocked content that comes from potenially dangerous sites. Allow this content only if your'e sure it comes from safe sites. I'm currently using my laptop to make this post.

Then I find ad's from topdeal being placed throughout the page. I also see some words that changed into mouseover words which brings up a pop-up.

I ran my anti-virus and came up with a virus and it was taken care of.

This morning, I uninstalled FF and re-installed it, no change..

My first impulse was to do a recovery on the desktop and then reload everything from my backup file which I disconnected before the daily scheduled backup.

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My version of Firefox is 33.0. I won't be updating until we know more.

I generally use Chrome, so I was surprised that opening Firefox also brought up an Adobe Flash Player update, to which I was alerted by Winpatrol wanting to know if it should permit a run once set up program (for the Flash Player) when I next start windows.

I'm suspicious, and will wait before I accept.

And while typing this I have received notice that FireFox 33.1 is available for download.

Yeah Right. I'll do some research first I think.

Additional: Flash Player 15.0.r0 is showing up on Googling, as having problems.

Isn't this fun...not!

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After checking again, the version on my laptop is now 33.1, along with Adobe Flash Player 15 ActiveX at and Adobe Flash Player plugin at v15.0.0.189.

I'm thinking now that it's something that's gotten on to my desktop computer. as the laptop is functioning with no problems.

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In addition to antivirus scans it's also really helpful to run antimalware scans. AV software often won't detect malware that falls below a certain threshold. AD-insertion malware is sometimes not detected.

You can get a good antimalware scanner at www.malwarebytes.org. Download it, and when asked if you want the free trial, say no. It's free after that. Once the software is installed, update it's definitions and run a full scan. Remove or quarantine anything it finds.

Also check your browser add ons. There could be an add on in Firefox that's serving ads on pages you visit. And download and install Adblock Plus, a browser extension that blocks ads, obviously.

I don't think Firefox is the issue. I think you have some malware running.

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What I hate about 33.0 and 33.1 is this new "New Tab" screen. What a pile of crappola. It was useful in the past, showing recent pages and then sticking to them until you decided to delete one. Now it doesn't add anything until it decides you've gone there enough times to meet it's criteria for addability or something. I just shut it off completely.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I'd forgotten about Windows Defender so I checked it this morning. It's set to run daily at 2 am daily and it was clean. I've changed that to do a full scan to see what it shows.

I'm also suspicious of Comcast at the moment. Not that long ago, I think they made a change to the spam folder. It used to be that you had to click on a spam email to view it. Now when I go to that folder, it opens the first email to view it. I never opened them, I checke marked then and then hit delete.

Generally I view most emails thru Outlook.

I'll see what WD comes up with. If it finds nothing, I'll try the mentioned software. At least I can use IE on the desktop with no problems.

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Looks like I'll be redoing the desktop over the next few days. I downloaded and ran the suggest antimalware. It did find a few things, quarintened them and then I deleted them. I still have the problem.

I prefer FF over IE any day.

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I spent several hours working on the desktop. Most of that time was just installing 58 updates. I learned sometime ago that when you have the many to do, do them in date order instead of trying to load them all at once. I've stil got a few minor things to do like install the printer. FireFox is working fine, I just need to install Color Tabs.

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