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OUTED by Rick

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Rick, author of Castaways, that fabulous story of boys on the high seas and naked on desert islands, has written a sweet and utterly charming story about being unwillingly outed to his father.

Caught in bed one afternoon with his high school boyfriend, Dan's not surprised when his Dad wants to have a little talk with him. But what he finds out is anything but what he expected.

Read OUTED and post here about what you think.



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A nice, short, enjoyable read, perfect for a good night's sleep. (I'm not saying it's boring, it is far from that, but that I was able to feel content after reading it, relax, and sleep well.)

I hope nobody thinks this is a condemnation. Althogether too often people take my words the wrong way. 'Faint praise' and all that blah....

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Good job, Rick. That addresses more than a few of the complications of being gay that I'm sure most not-gay folks don't consider.

Rule: Please knock before entering someone's room, unless you're pretty darn sure they're doing something harmful and need to stop it.

This is not a criticism of the story, but an observation generally:

What does it say about things that a young man is worried what his parents will think and avoids talking about his questions or being caught doing something with a friend? Sure, I know it's natural for kids not to tell parents everything or to hide some things they might (or would) get in trouble for. Sure, that applies if it's boy-girl too. What I mean is, if adults did a better job getting the message across to their kids, the kids would know that it was OK to discuss or maybe OK to experiment. -- Or maybe I'm being too idealistic in hoping that kids might be less worried about their parents getting bent out of shape if they say or do anything like that.

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