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Guest Dabeagle

An excerpt:

These people failed to see the contradiction in their words. They'd just implied that my son had picked his after-school club so that he could get some fourth-grade-style action from the girls, but then they said he's too young to know he likes boys. They assumed that he would be after girls, which means they assumed that he already knew he was straight, yet the idea that he might already know he is gay came as such a shock.

So true. I know many people here on AD can trace their feelings to a very young age. Here's the rest of the article.

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Looking back, those feelings were always there. Unknowingly, I buried them in my hobby and didn't put things together until I was almost 40. I'm not smart but I do know what's missing. Just don't know how to go about fixing it, or if it can be fixed.

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The last paragraph of this article says something that I've never heard stated this way, and because it's about a 10 year old kid (and when he was a 7 year old kid, too) it's important:

I think that's why it's important for me to speak up, to correct people explicitly when they assume my kid is straight. I need to clearly say, "No, that does not describe my kid." Because kids don't magically become gay at puberty. Orientation is something deeper than that. It's something that is not only about sex but about attraction and love, even puppy love. And that's beautiful. There's not a damn thing wrong with it at all.

My favorite sentence, which I will borrow for a story sometime, is: "Because kids don't magically become gay at puberty." Oh my God! That is so perfect a definition. I had to read it about ten times it's so wonderful.

Thank you Amelia, thank you Dave.

Colin :icon_geek:

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