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It seems unfair...return The Pooh

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I think we need to start a campaign in the literary world and it would be in support of young readers...Winnie the Pooh needs to go home.


Being relegated to a basement room is horrid destiny for a stuffed toy that inspired the hearts and minds of millions of children. In America Pooh is best known as an animated character ala Disney which is not a very literary accomplishment. I would imagine as they suggest in the article that a Pooh Museum in England would attract the thousands of children these stuffed toys do not see now. Send them home.

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I suspect the only way this might work out is by embarrassing the New York Public Library governors into giving Pooh and his compatriots up. A letter-writing campaign by kids might do the trick.

Yeah, but we don't want him shipped back to England. They had their chance. We have some wonderful museums in LA. I think he should probably come out here. The Norton Simon or the Huntington would make good homes.


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