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The Awakening


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The Awakening

"When will I see you again?"

"Do you want to see me again Misha?"

"Yes. No. I don't know. My feelings are so confused."

"I'm a telepath. You don't have to tell me that. It's coming through loud and clear. What does your heart tell you?"

"My head and my heart don't talk much Kerr. I'm afraid. If they find out..."

"I've noticed that about you. When I touched your mind, were you afraid?"

"No. It was wonderful. It's like nothing I've ever experienced."

"That's what it's like when two telepaths make love. Our souls merge."

"You mean... I am... a telepath?"

"That's how I found you. You might as well have been screaming I'm alone, confused and scared at the top of your lungs."

"Oh no. The goverenment- they..."

"Yeah, I know. Death by vivisection for telepaths. What they can't control, they destroy. Their problem is they aren't at all very good at catching us. " It's not all bad you know. I can teach you.

The younger man looked as if he had been struck. I can hear you but you didn't speak?

Don't be afraid. Your power is just awakening. I can help and protect you if you'll let me.

"How do I..." How do I start?

I think you just did. You've been feeling it for some time. The fear and the confusion. You don't have to be alone.

He moved closer to the Kerr. Such a strange young man- it was like other people were flat but Kerr had an infinity of depth. Misha didn't have to say the words. Kerr opened his arms in a gentle embrace that had more depth than anything Misha had ever experienced.

When Kerr gently kissed Misha on his fore-head, there were no barriers, secrets or walls. The gentleness and the openness of the small gesture brought tears his eyes.

Is this what it's like?

And so much more.

I don't have to be alone anymore?

No Misha. You don't have to be alone ever again.

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