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Teen kiss on U.S Television

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Jude and Connor, the two teen characters on the television program The Fosters....kissed. I won't post the video here in case some of you find it offensive. It's all over the internet, especially YouTube, but here is the link: http://youtu.be/uVflpLWFCtA

The characters are presented at age thirteen, I don't know how old the actors are, a bit more than that I judge. But whereas images like this are not uncommon in Europe this is an American first...and since it was just aired on Monday I am waiting for the reactions.

The kissing situation in the story line for this episode was not sexual but came at the end of an argument between the boys...and that is good. I don't watch television so this came as a surprise to me. Perhaps some of you out there have further knowledge on the subject.

Edit to add: Here is an interview with one of the boys: http://www.justjaredjr.com/2015/03/03/the-fosters-gavin-macintosh-opens-up-about-making-tv-history-with-just-one-kiss/

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According to the article at the link the boys were 14 and 15 at the time the kiss was filmed.

It is perhaps the remains of old prejudices that the sight of two teenage boys kissing in a TV video is worrying to some members of today's cultures in America (and probably Australia, and definitely in Russia.)

Exposing the affection between young adults of this age as natural, wholesome and part of growing up may be confronting for some people, but does not warrant being treated as if it does not or should not happen. Maybe if our political leaders had learned to embrace their childhood feelings of empathy for others, then there would be less threat to the survival of the human species.

Certainly, authors here, and elsewhere have written stories depicting such affection without judgement, save to allay fears of self harm.

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I don't watch much TV. I did watch the first couple of seasons of The Fosters on Netflix after being advised to do so, then, sort of simply stopped. I guess I'll have to return to see this. Jude was by far the most compelling character on the show, Conner one of the more complex, but Jude was the Foster who made the fewest lapses in good judgment, less than any of the other characters, even the adults. The fact he's cute as sin and vulnerable too doesn't detract at all, either.

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What's ironic is that before ABC bought the Family Channel it was owned and operated by Pat Robertson's 700 Club ministry. Robertson must be apoplectic about this. Robertson's deal with ABC requires that the 700 Club broadcasts continue to be carried on that channel.


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Maybe dear old Pat will self-combust in a fit of righteous rage, burst into flames and never be seen or heard from again.

Sorry. Just a small dream of mine.

The scene was sweet.

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I don't see why any member of Awesome Dude would be offended by watching the scene. There's nothing in the scene that's offensive at all. Our stories, after all, are romances among teenage boys. I'm not a big television watcher and was unaware of the program until now, but I applaud ABC and ABC Family for this important step.

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I can only assume that Pat Robertson's audience is inundating him with complaints about what's going on elsewhere on that same channel, and it wouldn't surprise me if he has talked about it on the 700 Club broadcasts. But there's not a whole lot Robertson can do about what ABC (owned by Disney) decides to broadcast at times outside of the 700 Club block. Since Disney seems to be working to be a gay-friendly employer I doubt if Robertson could persuade them to do anything differently on this show.


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I had my first kiss with a boy when I was 12. And Doug was 12 too. Like for Jude and Conner, it was a pivotal act in our lives. I don't watch The Fosters, but one of the characters in my story A Time When It All Went Wrong does. And she is gay and has a girlfriend and they talk about their first kiss in the story. They are 13.

Despite what Pat Robinson thinks and says there's a lot of young teen and tween same-sex kissing going on these days. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Colin :icon_geek:

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