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It's Actually a Mystery

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I must say that I feel glad to be as old as I am. I don't know if I could cope with being in a modern family, whether it be same sex parents or different sex parents.

There's the horror, right there. I was raised by a single mum, Dad got himself divorced when I was 2 years old, so all I knew was my loving mom...and her sister...and their mother, my grandmother. I guess I had three moms. I also had two step-dads, not that they were anything other than mom's husbands. They're all, moms and Dads, dead.

I never had an invisible friend. I didn't need one, I thought I had been dumped on planet Earth by my real parents for some reason I would never be able to discover. So I was alone, and a loner, a lonely child whose existence would only be justified by my alien parents rescuing me from this absurd planet. It seems unlikely that is going to happen; I'm so old now, they wouldn't want me. Thank the stars for my lover. He means the world to me...as does our child, the cat.

I wonder if there is a story in any of this. I don't know how it ends, yet. Perhaps that is what is meant by the word, mystery, it's actually my story.

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It's no mystery that you turned out to be the bright and intelligent creature that you are. Despite the ego shattering experiences of youth your adult self has proved to be a boon to the human spirit and given you the elderly status of a sage. All's well that ends well...? No, it isn't over yet and I think there are still many chapters to be written.

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Aww shucks, Chris, now I'm blushing at your kind words. Thank you.

But please remember you're pretty much a sage of wisdom and the indomitable human spirit, yourself.

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Bruin, I have no intent to short-change anyone.

I think mentioning that, "I don't know how it ends, yet." may have misled you into thinking the mystery was my impending demise.

I didn't intend that, I was just playing with words, mystery and my story, and that story continues.

Neither the finite nor the infinite worry me, but maybe eternity encourages too much procrastination.

I'll let you know when I write my epitaph. In the mean time I thought I might write some notes for my reincarnation. It would make his life so much easier, don't you think? :hug:

Edit: The doctor tells me I have many years left.

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