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A school's homophobic move

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I suppose this crap will keep happening until someone has to shell out millions of dollars in damages. One of the incomprehensible things that still exist in our society is homophobia in the educational system. It used to be that colleges conferred degrees and a modicum of intelligence on those slated to become teachers and administrators in our nation. I guess there is little intelligence in this Kentucky town.


A fair judgment on this school would involve firing the principal and the others responsible for this homophobic act. Do they care so little about the quality of their programs, or do we have a bunch of staunch religionists who think that the Bible ought to be their only textbook? Their homophobia has to come from somewhere and I doubt if you would have to look any further than their local churches.

The embarrassment and shame intended to hurt this young man is unconscionable, not to mention making the kid feel like he wasted his high school career in sports. Someone call the ACLU and let's get rid of these bastards before they hurt some other young man.

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By failing to put him in the year book they are implying that he did not play for the team, so I would submit implying that he is lying when he says he did. Might that be grounds for an action in defamation?

Hope the kid gets the support he deserves.

I find it interesting that a recent survey in the UK named the most popular male sportsman as Tom Daley who has come out openly as being in a gay relationship and it seems nobody cares.

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If you live in the south any time at all, you'll see this sort of thing all the time.

In my own case, I won a spot on the red-team at my middle school and the coach of the team absolutely refused to let me play.

I played on the 8th grade team- I was in the 8th grade at the time but, I had qualified.

I was recruited by a private school in the area and started for their freshman team the following year.

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