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A Scotsman moves to Canada...

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...and attends his first baseball game.

The first batter approaches the batters' box, takes a few swings and then hits a double. Everyone was on their feet screaming "Run"!

The next batter hits a single. The Scotsman listened as the crowd again cheered "RUN, RUN!"

The Scotsman enjoyed the game and began screaming with the fans.

The fifth batter came up and four balls went by.

The Umpire called "Walk." The batter started his slow trot to first base.

The Scot stood up and screamed," Run ye lazy bastard, run!"

The people around him began laughing. Embarrassed, the Scot sat back down.

A friendly fan noted the man's embarrassment, leaned over and explained," He can't run--he's got four balls."

The Scot stood up and screamed," Walk with pride, laddie, walk with pride."

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