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So what happens to this hacker???

Chris James

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I am sure you are all aware by now of the hacker that broke into the CIA Director's email accounts, but just in case here are the facts:


I suppose at this point everyone realizes how openly the information that might allow this intrusion is shared and that no account is to be considered secure. One thing missing from the article is what has happened to the hacker. Is he in chains yet or has the CIA assassination squad been alerted?

The intention of people who do these things is never in question, they do it because they can and it scores pleasure points in their brains. Perhaps they need to masturbate more frequently. No matter who they violate I would advocate severe penalties...perhaps asking the Saudi's to lop off their hands. Ten years imprisonment for each instance of hacking doesn't seem too much to ask. When will that start?

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Age old problem, the more secure you make a system the more challenge it is for the hacker so more hackers will try to get in. My one question is did they get into the actual system or into the sacrificial goat?

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And so it goes, now we have Wikileaks disseminating stolen information once again, only this time it is a personal attack against a high government official. I would not be averse to blowing Wikileaks off the internet. Those who claim to be doing the world a favor rarely are, just ask the Taliban. So now they have messed with the CIA: those guys with black helicopters and modern day ninjas. A real life James Bond film in the making.


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