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Graffiti by Bruin Fisher


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Bruin Fisher's short story Graffiti, does what writing does better than anything. It uses fiction to provoke a revelation or a truth. Often that truth is hidden in plain sight and it takes a creative or sensitive writer to show us.

Bruin uses his main character's personal struggle and effort to avoid certain truths about himself. The futile act of irradiation is more to hide it from himself than hide it from the other boys.

But there someone else. A boy filled with the same self doubt. Their acknowledgement of each other is this story's wonderful reward.


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Thanks so much Larkin, and Cole too, for kindly commenting on one of my older stories, one that I'd almost forgotten about. It's an odd experience to find myself reading something I wrote, but reading as though it's new to me.

I can't pretend Graffiti is one of my favourites, but it does resonate with my own memories - my own schooldays were spent in a place much like that described in the story - and therefore it feels very personal. I'm so glad you liked it.

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