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Summer World by chrysoprase

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What is it you like to find in a story? A readily understandable and identifiable protagonist, someone you can hook onto and follow with confidence? The tension of a familiar plotline that is uniquely presented and can still offer surprise? Secondary characters that ring true and whose situations and values are completely their own yet are almost universal to our understanding? The appeal of young first-time love and lust and its effect on the development of character?

How about a solidly good story that leaves its reader caught between tears and a smile, nodding in affirmation? With the bonus of being short enough that it can be read in a single sitting?

Finally—and no small wonder this—a story told in the second person confidently and convincingly, a voice most writers won’t touch with a ten foot pen.

You won’t regret taking a look at “Summer World” by crysoprase, who pulls off in six short chapters a story that deserves to be remembered.

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