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  2. Okay, first let me tell you that I don't watch television anymore, not even for the news. But I saw a blurb on this new miniseries program that begins tonight, February 27th, and it looks like something I might find entertaining. I guess we can thank ABC in advance for having the courage to say things other networks will not touch. Fronting a program that contains LGBTQ issues in this day of Trumpian hatred is a brave move. He will not watch it, he will probably hate it without watching, and that might be enough to get me to view the program. Find it on your local ABC network, except perhaps in communities and states where the local broadcasters are too cowardly to allow us to view programming that they find controversial. Let's hope there aren't too many cowards out there. In the early reviews most viewers are disappointed that the cast is lacking in gay and lesbian actors. If the story, set in 1970's, is about gay characters then where are the gay actors? It remains to be seen what the producers have done to the script written by Dustin Lance Black. But this retrospective about the gay movement in San Francisco, and the events surrounding the Stonewall riots in New York, speaks to a gay community that needs to remember its history.
  3. Thanks for the promo, Cole. The story is at Colin
  4. I hope everyone has a chance to read Colin's great new story. Fun read, and a very worthwhile way to spend a few minutes. You'll be glad you did! C
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  6. Fake news from Fox News, and now they take it one step further: Nothing worse in a news program than a non-expert, especially when he is commenting on a non-news story. This is consistent with the way Fox News spreads disinformation and bolsters the Trump propaganda machine. I agree with James and his circular reasoning argument. Corporations and government can always find talking heads to mouth reasonable sounding arguments that are totally false based upon the premise that they are always right and truthful. Just like adding manure to the spreader, we end up with shit being flung across the news landscape but without the smell being attached.
  7. And this is also true when the political leaders are spoon feeding you their distorted version of the truth. A version they spent almost nothing selling the country and now that they are in power they continue feeding you. Colin
  8. Perhaps not a sequel as I wrote it first, but it does convey where my feelings are, I think: The Slaves Lament Even moderate examination of recent wars and political directions, let alone extended experience of these modern times, cannot dissuade the rational thoughts of impending doom; of some new world that is neither brave nor free. Slavery of people by the people for some of the richest people has been the objective of fascism. The rule of the tyrant to divide and conquer can be seen in nearly every business , every political party and every government. Segregation of the deprived sustains the ignorance of the enslaved, and even hides the fact that the masters are slaves themselves. The right to not only pursue happiness but help each other to find that happiness is hidden from all and sundry. Worse, under the terms of fascism, the masters are encouraged to believe that happiness is the pleasure of watching the suffering of the deprived. The Trump/Bannon/Miller regime has now brought this suffering to the United States based on the religious need to atone for sins that, in reality, no one has committed because they are fabricated in fiction. The enslaved do not know that freedom is their right, the masters know it, and the authoritarians revel in the misery they have brought to humanity. Demand Spartacus to come forward, and if he does not stand then shout back, "I am Spartacus" because we cannot wait any longer for our freedom, we must claim our own freedom and the freedom of us, all...and if we are crucified for wanting our rights, then so be it.
  9. De we get a sequel? C
  10. Jedi Lament Authoritarian, Totalitarian, Tyranny: I was assured these were no longer the main forms of government on Earth when I agreed to go to your planet as an assessor of Earth governments' suitability to be admitted on to the cosmic council. I have contacted my home planet and told them to go ahead and use the death star that we confiscated from the Evil Empire and requested its use to remove your fascist world from the solar system. We can no longer permit you to endanger and infect our universe with your primitive forms of hatred and war like behaviours. We tried to warn you but you just won't listen. Best of luck for your final days of existence...I'm out of here.
  11. 2nd Warning: Circular Reasoning: is a logical fallacy in which the reasoner begins with what they are trying to end with. The components of a circular argument are often logically valid because if the premises are true, the conclusion must be true. Example: Father Porter's answer to the atheist was Psalm 53:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. The problem here is that Father Porter has used a bible verse to argue the existence of God. Another example much closer to my point: They must really be stupid because they don't think like we do. Sometimes others see things we miss. This is especially true when the corporate owned media is spoon feeding you a distorted version of the truth. A version they spent billions trying to sell the country and the country rejected.
  12. Gone Missing ~ A Short Story by Colin Kelly. Sometimes mothers can be overprotective. What happens when that collides with what their children want? Featured stories are from our archive and we think you'll enjoy reading them again — or for the first time. Stand by Me ~ A Short Story by Grant Bentley. Some things in life defy explanation. Click here to read the hundreds of serial novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poems on the Codey's World site.
  13. One problem is this shows a much larger portion of our population is of a medieval mindset than anyone thought possible. How do other nations trust us, knowing that? C
  14. The next President is going to have a very difficult time trying to restore the integrity of the White House and the administration; respect will take even longer. The real problem will be getting the rest of the world to accept that Fascism and the Trump presidency have been defeated. It's probably a little too optimistic to hope for the defeat of ignorance as well.
  15. I remember reading a short story many years ago about a protagonist who discovers that people who are about to die breathe in synchrony. Everyone thought he was crazy and he ended up being committed to a mental hospital. In the end, someone detonated a nuclear bomb in Denver and he was proved right. I'm sure there are other stories with a similar theme of sorts. I don't think I read this one here - I think it was in a sic-fi collection and was by a prominent author such as Asimov. Sorry, but I can't do better than that.
  16. They'll probably be 'coming for us next' in any case, especially if Pence gains any momentum. I'm not sure how best to prepare for this. I hope those wiser than I are already thinking about this. C
  17. The Federal government is backing away from transgender student rights, allowing states to set their own bathroom rules for trans people. These actions only cater to the dumb factor in our society. In the Trump world I think the issue is just too complicated for the simple minds that are in charge, what a shame. It would be too easy for gay men and lesbian women to ignore the T in LGBTQ society since it is such a small segment of the population, but this is about minority rights and needs to be addressed. I could probably use the men's bathroom in a public place without ever knowing if the person behind a closed stall door is male, female, or even transgender. The scare factor injected into this situation by the hate filled right is that trans people will be there to observe and molest children. The absurdity of that statement is not supported by any evidence, just the fears of heterosexual persons who have a track record for such molestation. But trans students have enough derision heaped upon them and setting up special bathrooms for the Trans kids only paints the individual as different for the rest of the mob. I can truthfully say I empathize with the Trans community, although I do not understand their needs because I am already a gay male. This is not an issue that is going to be solved by laws written by a majority who lack understanding. In the new Trump society is seems okay to be racist and anti-immigrant. What chance do transgender kids have? But they need support from the gay side of the equation because if we ignore the dumb factor, "they" will be coming for us next.
  18. I am looking for a story and can't remember if it is a short or not. The story ends as realization sets in for him as this is the moment in time when the bomb goes off and people know yet. He was called a liar in the beginning as he does not know the truth yet. I know I found it here but can't recall the author.
  19. Yes indeed Cole a great site. Without somewhere of this quality to post I'd probably have given up years ago, Chris is quite right... I too had no idea how the Restoration actually happened. I probably assumed Charles Stuart took Ryanair from Schipol. The navy was of course key, and the navy as a whole didn't want to do it! The only reason I could write this one was because there were two men keeping diaries... one was of course Samuel Pepys of "and so to bed!" fame. He was on the quarterdeck. But the other was a common sailor, in fact still an apprentice to the Master's mate. Just one copy of his journal survived... the original. From him history has learnt what went on below decks at that time. Chris is also right that this is an all but forgotten period. We are only 72 years after the Spanish Armada, but 145 years before Trafalgar, Hornblower and Nelson. I came to love my young heroes, they are in the best tradition of "the boy stood on the burning deck". That boy was real, he was French and he died at the Battle of the Nile, refusing to save himself he died alongside his wounded father... he was just 12. So when Jeremy says "Why, I should die!" he is simply reflecting the reality of the day. By World Wars in our time, a boy needed to be 16 to die in battle at sea... we have made so much progress in four centuries!
  20. A great story up at a great site. Wonderful! Something to cheer. C
  21. Every time I take a gander at one of Des's comments I feel as though my brain has been goosed.
  22. Another Solsticeman achievement. I always enjoy those days of the week when Dude posts a new story...its like opening a present. To my delight Jeff has begin to post a new historical saga, and his choice of subject matter will keep the readers enthralled for weeks. This seems to be a naval story that slipped between the cracks of English history. At least I have no recollection of events in this time period when English governance changed so rapidly. Cromwell and Charles Stuart are quite familiar in regards to events that took place on land, but a sea story approaches this history from a different angle. I have no doubt it took Jeff many months to assimilate the facts that bolster a story like this, and I welcome all his hard work for our benefit. So off to Chapter Two when it arrives, and my thanks to Jeff for enriching the enjoyment found at AD.
  23. I too see errors I never saw twenty years ago in books, magazines, Internet articles, fliers, TV subtitles, what have you. I don't think it's because I'm more observant now, and certainly I'm no smarter. No, I believe it's the great American corporate overwrought need to cut costs at all costs. I think they've replaced very good people with much less good machines, and then perhaps gotten rid of the people who ran the machines as another unnecessary cost because, after all, who cares if there's a mistake or two in their copy? I do, for one. Not that they care. C
  24. I agree that education is a crucial component in any society, but Chris James makes the greater point that it is common sense, not 'book larnin', that is less teachable and far too often absent. Common sense is more likely to sprout in the open air of real-world experience than in an academic cloister. Common sense might suggest that the dust-up over misspelling Messr. Du Bois' name is far more likely the fault of a carryover employee from the previous administration than a new hire. Twenty days would have been a pretty short time period to hire 17,000 Department of Education replacements. As for spelling errors among educated professionals, just for fun -- start keeping track. The day does not pass that I don't find mistakes in the highly-vaunted self-aggrandizing Press. It's one thing to pursue excellence -- something else to criticize others for not living up to one's own lofty self proclamation. Lest there be any doubt, examine James Savik's excellent story by Hans Christian Andersen, (quite apropos to the discussion of El Don) published by no less an authority than the Hans Christian Andersen Centre at the University of Southern Denmark. Can such an esteemed author and august body not avoid the simple typing errors I've seen discussed on this very board? The end of paragraph 6 in the story shows the Emperor's decision ending in a period followed by a close quote. [...better."] Yet two paragraphs later, the same Emperor's thought ends with a close quote followed by a period! [ all".] Good heavens! Call the Literary Polizei! And for the record, lest one make incorrect assumptions, I may be in Messr. Du Bois' 24% category, but it doesn't mean I voted that way.
  26. Just because some of us don't want to get married doesn't mean that we are against marriage equality. My companion and I have been together for over 45 years and we have no inclination to marry, but we speak out for the right to marry at every opportunity. We do so, not because we want to marry, but because we believe that if its good enough for the gooses and ganders then its good enough for all the geese, too...if they want it. What we are adamant about is that the turkeys should not have the right to stop the geese from marrying each other regardless of their gender, or should I say, gander.
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