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  1. Apparently the people at National Day Calender.com are unaware of this.
  2. The chances were good, despite the outcome, that the chase would have ended in failure.
  3. Remarkable young man.
  4. I don't plan on watching. I think it's ironic that Obama and Biden will not be in D.C. for the swearing in ceremony.
  5. I walk with the owner of a Pit Bull mix and when it gets cold, Buddy won't go out without his sweater on.
  6. Mash is currently airing on Memerable Entertainment TV (METV).
  7. 2016 just couldn't let go without taking one more. M*A*S*H actor William Christopher has died at age 84, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Christopher was best known for playing the part of Father Mulcahy on the beloved series. He passed away from lung cancer at his home in Pasadena with his wife by his side. In addition to M*A*S*H, Christopher also appeared on The Patty Duke Show and Good Times, and had a recurring role on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. He reprised his M*A*S*H role on After MASH in the '80s. His passing comes exactly one year after co-star Wayne Rogers died on New Years Eve of 2015.
  8. I checked this morning becoming to the forums and I was able to get to the story page.
  10. That's alright Cole, it was good for a laugh.
  11. I have a issue with the homepage and Opera. When I use a link for the homepage, awesomedude.com, I get the DSN error page. It also shows the url as www.awesomedude.com. Using forums.awesomedude.com takes me directly to the forums. I don't have the problem with Chrome or Firefox. I can use the link at the top of the pages to reach the homepage.
  12. With the snow we had yesterday, there was more on the cars, sidewalk, and roads than there was on the grass.
  13. We got 2 inches before it turned to sleet/freezing rain then rain. Currently, we have a thick fog and the forecast calls for rain and a possible thunder storm.
  14. Quite the surprise to find it snowing here at AD while it's snowing outside this morning.
  15. Damn, Invision is sneaky. Even though I couldn't find any information in the AdminCP, there is a sidebar that can be seen by Admin's that has a list of blocks that could be added. I don't seem to be having the problem of having to sign back in when refreshing a page.