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  1. Jason Rimbaud

    The Cabin in Maine by Alan Dwight

    Interesting reading, Bart, you might be the only one that gets a sore butt from reading..,you might be doing it wrong...I’m just saying
  2. Jason Rimbaud

    Z is for Zombie by Geron Kees

    If I got into the reasons why, it would definitely spoil the story. For me, the good parts of the story are the writing, the characters, the reason there are zombies, the discussion of right and wrong. The very few things that bothered me would definitely spoil the story. It's only 13 chapters, about ten pages each chapter, I would say read the first chapter for sure. So if you do read it, it won't take you long to finish it. I will bet it will grip you, its a great piece of writing. If after you decide to read it, and you want to know what I didn't like about it, I will happily discuss it. But again, I gave it 4.6 stars out of 5 so I do think its a good read.
  3. Jason Rimbaud

    Z is for Zombie by Geron Kees

    I read this story and for the most part I really enjoyed. There was a few things that bothered me but I think I gave it 4.6 out of 5 stars. I'd recommend it. J
  4. Jason Rimbaud

    My Incredible Summer by Cole Parker

    I've always liked your shorts.
  5. Jason Rimbaud


    Yep I did
  6. Jason Rimbaud

    Twelve Years Isn't As Long As You Think

    I remember the first time I was lying in bed and sneezed and couldn't walk for two days cause I sneezed my back out. 🙂 Technology is an amazing thing. At least you can still explore, and have the tools to keep yourself completely safe while doing it. As for saving the motorcycle guy, you are his hero. Look at you, giving me sage advice all those years ago and now saving wayward humans in the dessert. I can see why you are at least happy. J
  7. Jason Rimbaud

    Twelve Years Isn't As Long As You Think

    Hahah, how did I know you would have caught that! I'm glad you got that out of your system Mr. Bart. It's quite nice to hear that you are doing great, I've wondered often about you. Cheers Truth
  8. Jason Rimbaud

    Nymphomaniacs Convention

    Not sure if everything written in that joke is true to life, but i've been with a few American Indian and I never complained about anything with clothes or without. 🙂 J
  9. Jason Rimbaud

    Twelve Years Isn't As Long As You Think

    I've been reading over these Blog entries and I agree with you Cole, so long I wasn't happy and didn't have a clue who I was. The last four years have been some of the best years of my life and I'm happy I'm still around too. Thanks for always being around to offer a kind word or encouragement. You are amazing Mr. Cole.
  10. On September 22nd, 2006, I posted my first Blog entry. It was a tongue-n-cheek entry called Attachment VS No Attachment. It was a parody of my first time being with a boy that wasn't circumcised and the nickname that I was saddled with after telling my group of friends about the encounter. It would be the start of numerous Blog entries that were true to life but made larger than life. I was usually the butte of most of the jokes and sadly, as I look over the Blog entries and the titles, most actually did happen in one form or the other. Mainly as I look over the past twelve years, I realized that I had forgotten a good portion of these events as I grew and change my circle of friends. It's strange, things that were so life-changing at the time, barely register in today's happiness. I long time ago I flirted with the idea of deleting this Blog as I didn't think it represented who I am anymore. I am quite happy I was talked out of it by a past member named Trab. I have since lost track of Trab but I will forever be grateful to his sage advice. Happy Anniversary to me and to all your Awesome Dudes. Jason
  11. Jason Rimbaud


  12. It’s official...whiskey makes you cook burgers at 1am.  

    1. William King

      William King

      I think it's the drinking of the whiskey, not the whiskey itself, which has always seemed rather bottled up to me, and incapable of logical thought or action... 😂

    2. Camy


      You don't need whiskey to cook burgers at 1am, merely a growling stomach.

      True, whiskey might be incapable of logical thought or action, but it's a master at causing appalling hangovers...

  13. Oh, follow me will you... then back at you with knobs on! :tongue: Where on earth have you been this last eon?

    1. Jason Rimbaud

      Jason Rimbaud

      I’ve been working and living with a boy named N

    2. Camy


      N. What a very sensible initial.

    3. Jason Rimbaud

      Jason Rimbaud

      He's a very sensible fella

  14. Jason Rimbaud

    Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

    I've often thought about it, I do like watching movies and writing useless letters linking into words dragging into boring sentences. J
  15. Jason Rimbaud

    Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

    Just returned from watching Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Or should I say dragged to see the flick. I should start by saying that I am a huge fan of Jurassic Park, a satisfied fan of Jurassic Park 2, a meh for Jurassic Park 3, and a very disappointed viewer for Jurassic World. For all the amazing CGI of the first one, they did not skimp on the story and characters. All I have to say is Alan Grant. Jurassic Park 2, the sequence when T-Rex squared pushes the camper off the cliff is stunning, again they did not skimp on the story and characters. I know they have plot holes and characters that were only half developed. But the entertainment factor of Dr. Ian alone carries that film that is re-watchable each time I see it on cable. Jurassic Park 3, sees the return of Alan Grant, one of my favorite actors from the 90's and eerily attracted to in a carnal way, returns to an okay horror film. I love the moments with Eric Kirby, he has some of the best lines in the entire film. Plus, you have the human eating birds attacking our steadfast heroes. Lets not talk about the spinosaurus as a villain. Then you have Jurassic World some 17 years later with the amazing B.D. Wong and the over-hyped Chris Pratt and his abs. Great CGI and a pulse pounding action scenes but with under developed characters, kids in danger for no reason, and a deeply unsatisfying ending that is a bit too nostalgic for my taste. I felt that Star Wars Force Awakens suffered from the same malady. A fan that grew up and made a homage movie to their childhood fantasies. In both films, each writer and director focused more on feelings that actual story, spectacle over substance, and nostalgia dripping from the screen that makes me wish instead of essentially re-making a classic, they would have been better served in just re-watching the originals. So when "N" insisted on us going to the movie tonight on my one day off this week, I was prepared for another Jurassic World. After all, Chris Pratt has already given me a sequel that was boring on the surface, sub-par in the meat of the story, and just plain awful by the discovery of the villain. Of course i am speaking about Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 2. I offered other opportunities, even went as far as begging us to go to Las Vegas last minute just to avoid this movie. And much to my chagrin, he wasn't having any part of that strategy. And once the credits rolled, damn was I impressed. For the first time in a long time, Chris Pratt was more grounded as an actor since I first saw him on Everwood. The writers/directors kept him from his Prattness and he acted the shit out of a smart, believable script that didn't seem like over two hours that it ended being. Bryce Dallas Howard stopped being the damsel in distress/high heels from the previous one and held her own against the new villain of the piece. I will give zero spoilers but finally a sequel to Jurassic Park that was promised. I didn't stay past the credits so I don't know if there is a post credit scene., but they set up the next installment perfectly that made sense in the framework of the story. Completely understand why its making all the money. I would say watch this movie, you won't be disappointed. J