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  1. It's interesting. My English Literature teacher in Middle and High School was one and the same throughout my arduous time there. Vic, as we called her, didn't seem to take much in the way of outer 'pressures' when it came to stories we read or movies we may have watched afterward. After reading Romeo and Juliet, we watched a movie of the same story. It was very well done, but I recall there being a nude scene where the character Romeo climbed out of bed (they had just finished doing the nasty) as was nude as he walked to the window. Of course, all you could see was his ass, but still... i
  2. Since seeing this first bit I went ahead and looked for more. It's not amazing to me how much hate and ignorance is out there. I suppose my only wish for these fools, is that they end up living in the exact world they wish to create.
  3. Exactly... and.... if I don't get my butt in gear and get something to him soon heh he'll probably think I've reverted to another hiatus! That is one thing I do like about that place though. They never push for more chapters. He just posts them as they come without complaint. (shameless plug) For those of you following the Midnight's Rainbow Series... another chapter of The Druid will be out soon and can be found there. Of course... you could have found it here heheh but I've not received a reply to my latest email (sent Jan 1) request for hosting (poke poke) Then again with so many w
  4. DarkShadow


    In one of my chapters I recently wrote: Long ago, I learned that life on this rock is little more than one distraction after the next, interrupted by the odd obsession and occasional sorrow. To expand on that I suppose I should add ;) Life is also the lessons we teach by our actions, and the lessons we learn from the fall out of other people's decisions. I know you weren't searching for an answer to your poem. It's beautiful by the way... but the sentiment seemed appropriate and I thought I would post it. Take care!
  5. I suppose that's why I love the town I live in here in Florida. The town is quartered NW, NE, SW, SE. Each street and avenue has a number. If you've got an address.... unless you're just mentally defective... you can find your destination by following the progression of numbers. Cities that have only names of streets or a combination, are a complete enigma and must be learned by process of elimination (ie Louisville, KY) . It would be different if street names were in alphabetic order, but it's all ad hock. I sometimes wonder if this is an attempt to keep outsiders away. It's crazy, non
  6. Ohmmmmm... oh hell no! That asshole just cut me off! WHOOPS! That's a lady... woofty! Two bagger, thank you come again! Actually I was referring to when I know the general lay out of a town, and just meander down roads I've never traveled, but know... in general I'm going the right direction... kind of. lol Eventually I get to where I want to be, and I might just happen across a kick ass yard sale! :)
  7. I figured I would toss in my two cents here. (at this rate I'm going to be out of change in no time) If you enjoy writing, and you want to tell the story creeping around in your mind, by all means do it! I couldn't help wondering after reading what you had here... okay... what's his name... the protagonist and the object of his desire. What's he look like? What class is he in? (heheh does he even care that he's totally not paying attention to anything but the guy across the room?... or .... can he even help it!?) These are GOOD things... it will make the reader want to continue in hopes
  8. It cracks me up what money is spent on for research these days. I am the designated navigator most times. Be it a brand new city, or out in the boon docks I generally find my way. I call it ZEN driving. I know what direction I want to go, and one way or another, I'll get there. In heavy traffic with 8 and 10 lane traffic I have never had problems with knowing far in advance which lane I should be in so that I can make the appropriate exit. Now... this does NOT mean I have never been lost. Strangely enough... I'm one of the first people (even if I think I'm on the right track) to stop an
  9. Thanks all! I thought this might be he place to ask and I'm glad there are so many willing to help. I like the idea of placing a person's name in place of the pronoun. It seems to help me when I read it aloud so that I can inflect whatever emotion that applies in the context of the writing. Much appreciated!
  10. Only.... This seems to be my biggest torment to my editor and to myself. How and when do you know the placement? For instance.... If I had only known.... If only I had known.... Now I figure the first is correct, but for some reason, as I write, I seem to place 'only' in the wrong place. I am sure it drives my editor up the wall (well he tells me it does so I know for fact that it works his nerves) Is there a simple way of knowing when and where to place the abstract word 'only'? ---- Simile and Metaphor How do you know which to use...... For instance... The pyre lit his face l
  11. LONG LIVE THE PENGUIN!!!! Aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye
  12. Some days I'm feeling more combatant than others, so it often dictates my response. If I've had my coffee.. heheh 'Let the games begin!' Question 1... Who did Adam and Eve's son have sex with. His mother or his sister? Question 2... If god can do anything, can she make a mountain she can't climb? Question 3... So sweet meat. Why does god make homosexuals? I usually don't get past the first question ;) I've never had any stay past the third heheh. Have a great new year all!
  13. Ohhhh... that is just so not fair! As for your doctor lol I can understand the bitter ;) I have heard that extremely thin people who become ill have no 'body fat reserve' to help stave off the lack of eating. I'll give you a tip if you want to gain weight. Eat a box of Little Debbie Snack cakes and a large bag of chips each day (in addition to your regular meals). Trust me... you'll gain some weight, and probably have a heart attack in about a year. Hmmm... maybe you shouldn't do that. So... in the interest of your plight.... May the fleas of a 1000 camels infest your nethers and you
  14. lol When I first read it I know I nearly spewed Dt. Mountain Dew. It just cracked me up. I'm glad you both liked it lol I have registered on the 'national do not call list' but I know I haven't registered for anything state wise. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the suggestion! Take care!
  15. Okay... I just got another of MANY telemarketer calls I get each night. My general tactic is to say 'could you hold one moment'.... when you ask that... they are always sure to say 'SURE!'... They think that you might actually listen. Then... very quietly I hang up the phone and let them wait for the beep-beep-beep. Anyway... it reminded me of an email I got a while back and I thought you all might get a hoot out of it so I'm going to copy and paste it here. I thought it was hysterical! How do you all usually deal with them all? (the email) The phone rang as I was sitting down to my e
  16. My girl friend from Illinois and I would lovingly say to those with your affliction 'DIE TWIG BITCH!' LOL She was less than thin, and I wasn't exactly 'twiggy' at the time either. I have been 280 lbs (i'm only 6' tall) and then dropped down to 145. Then I yo-yo'd between that and 190 for years. Never in all those years did I ever look in the mirror and think 'you look thin'. I won't wish the evil 'Die Twig Bitch' curse upon you, but I will say I'm jealous ;) Whoops! Sorry about that TR lol.... But since I got your attention... what's up with the painted eggs 'eh? Speaking of b
  17. So... now that the holidays have passed and the new year is staring us in the face, have any of you found that you seem somewhat 'thicker' than you were? The scale tells me there are 5 more pounds of me than there used to be. I had hoped that this was some local phenomenon, that perhaps gravity was somehow stronger at my house, but the scale at work also confirmed the 'extra me'. (DAMNIT!) I have to wonder if the lack of holidays until February are some kind of predestined recovery time, only to slap us in the face with pink hearts and boxes of chocolates, which is then followed by the evi
  18. My point is that you could substitute the word 'soy' with 'oats', or 'corn', and it would still be a factless based article, but none the less 'possible'. Then again... we can all make blanket statements pulled from nowhere. Of course, oats and corn would suddenly have a greater impact and sound even more ridiculous. Is it possible that large quantities of a food can be a detriment to our health? Certainly. But, with the complete lack of supporting data, any one of us could make a similar statement and not have to explain ourselves. We could add several footnotes, as was done in this at
  19. Interesting... that all of the links go to a nondescript website that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the story and offers NO conclusion or even the slightest bit of supporting evidence for this idiocy. Also ;) Take note who is actually writing this dribble ;) James Rutz is chairman of Megashift Ministries and founder-chairman of Open Church Ministries. He is the author of "MEGASHIFT: Igniting Spiritual Power," and, most recently, "The Meaning of Life." If you'd rather order by phone, call WND's toll-free customer service line at 1-800-4WND-COM (1-800-496-3266 Hmmm wonder what the agenda
  20. This has got to be the single most idiotic thing I have ever heard. Gay people have been around for a much longer time than 'soy products'. To even remotely imply that the 'estrogen like' compounds that 'may' be in soy products is in some way close enough to human based estrogen, and, cause a change in their sexual preference is simply ridiculous. Also, I would like you to note that there is not even one instance that tells precisely which studies back the claims that are being made here. It might be different if there were a pile of medical studies that were cited so that we might make re
  21. Well... I'd hate not to help out. I can't think of a better cause ;) Heh this is probably some sinister plot to up Kleenex sales. Either way... there are surely worse things!
  22. Okay? Here is what I would do with this. If I were editing (which I am not and you should be grateful because I can?t edit for shite) Dear Diary, This is my first time writing to you. Today was a cluster f**k of epic proportions, and you are my solution for sorting it all out. Today, my parents were informed that I?m gay. I wasn?t sure how they would react, but I didn?t think it would happen like this. I thought for sure that I would be the one to tell them. Now they refuse to talk to me. I came home from school, after having such a great day, and they sent me to my room, and told me
  23. I'm always busy, but that surely doesn't mean I don't have time to help out someone who is asking ;) It only takes a little bit of time. As for the 'passed/past' and 'new/knew' issues. I have a growing list (an incredibly LARGE growing list) of things that I double check after I finish writing. I know my errors because my editors point them out to me (THANK THE GODS!). I still don't send them clean copy, and there is almost always an autopsy of edits sent back to me, which I love. Every little suggestions and pointed out mistake helps me learn that much more. I love speed writing a ch
  24. Here are some suggestions and things to consider: The office sprawled before me like a giant board game. Each desk in a cubicle of waist high partitions, each reserved for a pawn, to be used as needed for the whim of anyone who was in the game, and they were all in it playing by the rules. Normally I would say ?fix it? but you don?t know me and I?m new here so I?ll explain myself. (A possible alternative) The office lay before me like a giant board game. Three foot cubicle walls bordered each pawn?s desk like individual countries. Each would be used at the whim of anyone who was in the
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