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NYAN CAT for Cello and Clarinet


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I am in awe of Nathan Chan, and thank our lucky stars that each generation seems capable of producing an outstanding cellist. I had the great good fortune of witnessing live performances by Pablo Casals, then by Slava Rastropovich and I had thought each time that I would never hear another as good. Nathan Chan has proved me wrong and I look forward to his growth as a master.

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I heard Rastropovich playing the Dvorak concerto in Cleveland under Szell. I still remember vividly the energy in Severance Hall at the end of the first movement. The crowd so, so wanted to applaud, maybe jump up and down and scream, but it remained silent, a silence so pregnant it was, well, memorable 45 years later. What a performance that was.

I never heard Casals live, but certainly have on recordings. I've seen and heard Yoyo Ma many times on TV and the radio; his playing is eclectic. But Nathan seems to be having more fun. It's really great to witness his youthful vitality while playing, and his incredible talent as well.


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