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Does anyone know what the problem is? I've been getting "under construction" all week. I had been following the latest Andrew Foote story, and am suffering withdrawal symptoms.

I am using a borrowed iPad as I'm in hospital but I don't think it's the wifi blocking it, unlike Castle Roland which it considers very naughty. Can't complain, I think I'm not supposed to use the wifi anyway.

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I have no problem getting to other sites. Recently, Using .org url, I can't reach Imofats site using Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. However, using the link provided by ChrisR I could then click on the home button I was able to get to the home page.

I had the same problem with a non story site. I could only get there using Firefox. After a couple of days, the site corrected the problem.

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No problem ever accessing Timmy's site using TimeWarnerCable (Spectrum.)

Just tried it also through my VIASAT satellite link and no problem whatsoever.

Sounds like your ISP is putting the screws to you, Nick.


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Hospitals may block such sites because of the Pediatric units. The County I worked for didn't block AD or GA but they did Fort.

I'm still blocked this morning. Try googling imofats. I did and after clicking on one of the links, the site opened.

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