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The stupid me !


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You wouldn't believe what a stupid, careless person I'd been !! Gawd ! See, I went to buy groceries. Like, lots of them. My dad gave me the list. I got them all and was in the parking lot loading all thoe bags into the car. I had all of them in before I had this eerie feeling that I missed something. You know, the one that tells you that something is wrong. I glanced at the trolley -just a very quick glance- and composed myself that it was nothing.

I left the freakin' beef !!!! NO ! I didn't forget to buy it, I left it ! It's still in the trolley !! Apparently I should've looked into the trolley instead of just glancing at it !

I CAN'T Believe it !! ONE STUPID MISTAKE ! Make that one VERY stupid mistake ! Can I have the hat with 'MORON' written on it ? Thank you ! I'll just sit on the corner facing the wall. Gawd, gawd, GAWD !!

I found about this at home. When I was unloading the groceries and tried vainly to locate the meat. I couldn't possiblt told my dad -and brother- that I left the meat couldn't I ? I told them I forgot to buy it. Well, that didn't sit well with them. My dad wasn't pleased and my brother didn't make me forget about it. But altogether I walked off barely scatched. Compare to the lynching I'd received if I told them the truth.....

Hey ! Anybody ever did stupid thing like me ? Share please ! So I know I'm not the only one.

Cheers !


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One day you'll learn to keep your eyes on the meat.

But seriously, this sort of thing happens to me all the time. My mother's favorite saying for me was "It's a good thing your head is firmly attached--otherwise, you'd leave it somewhere." I've been considering the possibility of a Gingko Biloba continuous IV.



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I never leave my meat behind.

On the other hand, I've gone hiking and forgotten not only my boots, but also food. (Short trip after all.) I also backpacked in with an inflatable boat without the air pump. I've lost my car in a parking lot, and had to search row by row, and I've left for work, only to arrive ON MY DAY OFF. So don't feel bad.

Oh, I found an envelope at work once with over $2000 cash and a deposit slip in it. Someone did a really BIG oopsie. (The bank used the account information on the slip to backtrack the 'owner' and they got it all back.

It is FAINTLY possible the meat was turned in at the store, and is waiting for someone to claim it. Just phone them to ask.

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Hey ! Anybody ever did stupid thing like me ? Share please ! So I know I'm not the only one.

Back in the early 90s, I was working on my old Toyota truck. It had been overheating so I replaced the water pump and the major hoses that looked rough and worn. When I got everything put back together, I took it for a test drive about 10 miles up the Natchez Trace.

I wanted to make sure the truck was behaving before I took it to work on Monday. Ten miles up the Natchez Trace in the middle of nowhere, I stopped, put the truck in park (I thought), popped the hood so I could check on everything and jumped out of the truck.

I had accidentally put the truck in reverse. The open drivers door knocked me down and the left front tire rolled over my right calf.

I was shocked that my truck had turned on me. Not only had it tried to kill me, it compounded its treason by rolling briskly down the road in reverse.

I thought- Holy crap! There's no way I'm going to get up and chase the truck down. Thankfully, my right leg wasn't broken and despite being pretty sore, I was able to get up and chase down my rebellious truck.

It was shocking. I thought that truck was my friend. I decided then and there to trade that bastard.

So yeah Rad, we have all had our moments. While you merely forgot the beef, I ran over myself- something that has to be unique and special in the archives of bumbles, stumbles and faux pas.

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So I guess that would mean James' theme song should be, "Roll Over, Beethoven," by Jerry Lee Lewis.... :lol:

Not only is it unique and special, it's also... deflating. :groans:


Oh, I've had my share of moments where I couldn't believe I'd done something like that.

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I had accidentally put the truck in reverse. The open drivers door knocked me down and the left front tire rolled over my right calf.

I never had a car try to kill me before, but I once parked my old VW at a bookstore in Tampa, then had it roll right out into a big highway and block the road! You can be sure I never forgot the emergency brake from then on. Thank de lawd the stupid car didn't hit anybody.

And (back to the meat story), I've heard from several friends who managed to leave portable laptop computers on the hood or sitting on the trunk of their cars, then they drove away, while the computer slid off and hit the road at about 30 miles per hour. One guy actually rolled over the computer, then later brought it to me to see if I could get it fixed! Yeeesh...

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