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Mind Over Matter


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"That has to be the most asinine idea I've ever heard."

Marty rolled his eyes and shooed the cat away from the cold pizza box. "Really? That's rich coming from a guy that is dating James."

Ray said in a mock Yoda voice, "The dumb is strong with this one, Breed he should not."

Somewhere down the hall the thump of a techno dance song began as Marty replied, "What's the story with you and James anyway? Of all the guys you could have chosen..."

"It's so very, very simple even Mr. Tie-me-up-and-spank-me-like-a-dirty-dirty-whore should understand it. We love each other and have since the first time we laid eyes on each other."

Marty said, "That's really sweet but, it can't be easy for you."

Ray started rummaging through dirty clothes, made a face and asked, "What part?"

Marty said, "Well, There's the little matter of him being two years younger than you are."

Ray sprayed evergreen scented air freshener around the room and said, "He's precocious and I'm dumb. It works for us."

"You know that's not all there is too it. Ray, you're white. We share a shower. You're a ginger so you are one of the whitest white-boys that ever whited and, Marcus is..."

Ray smirked and said, "Black?"

Marty shrugged and said, "It can't be easy. This is still the South."

Ray grinned and said, "Marty, it is all mind over matter: all that matters is we love each other and, those that mind, just don't matter."

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I really rather not let this thread go political.

I'm pretty sure Trump doesn't have horns and, I'm damned sure the democrats don't have halos.

Neither one is a scintillating choice.




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I am going to get political...gingers are hot!  

And seeing as I married an Indian born in Malaysia, I tend to think brown is a beautiful color as well.

But then I think all colors are beautiful...except blue and red. Not beautiful colors at all. (my political statement)


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