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That is why we look pretty when we cry

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That is why we look pretty when we cry

I look at you and all I can think is

'Stunning, absolutely stunning'.

How very complicated and strange you are,

My dear.

Oh but how beautifully you wear your identity.

So quick when you seem so slow.

A difficult illusion to maintain, I know.

It is much easier to come across foolish

And simple than to be complicated.

We both understand that.

Make them laugh and they wont remember we have feelings.

It isn?t a horrible, self-pitying thing to do.

It?s just much simpler than thinking

Everything there is to be thought,

And then discussing it with people who may not understand,

Not for lack of intelligence,

But for being different from you...



I?m sure they have thought over their very own everything,

And we wouldn?t follow the half of it.

C'ect la vie, my love.

That?s life. Besides,

I think you would agree with me saying

That laughing produces much more attractive wrinkles

Than the lines formed by a brow furrowed in thought.

The thinker's face is etched and creased in such a way

That it gives the illusion of sobriety

Even at the thinker's most joyful state,

Where as the laugher's tearful face still shines

With glorious, forgotten happy memories.

That is why we look pretty when we cry,

My lovely.

That is why we look pretty when we cry.

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Those middle three verses really have something to say. Or anyway, they said something strong to me. I hope they will to a certain few ppl around here too. Thanks, Josiah.

Glad to hear I got my message through. I was just sort of reflecting on a discussion my friends and I had over lunch that day. About how people put on facades with certain people and what they mean...

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