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SPAM, a TR tribute

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SPAM: delicious and nutritious!

I open up my email box

And find my daily treat;

A thousand wondrous offers

And deals you just can?t beat!

You can escape your credit debt

By mortgaging your son;

You can enlarge your penis

Into a ten-pound gun.

With patches pills and potions

Your willie will expand,

Until it?s like a third leg

You can use as a kick-stand.

And if you?re feeling lonely

At home with that new dick,

You can pay fifty a month

To meet the perfect chick.

She?s blonde, she?s young, she?s horny,

She?s guaranteed to please:

Just send your credit numbers,

Address and front door keys.

And if you?re low on money

After all this is done,

There are investment offers

And contests to be won!

I find it so amazing

That I can hardly choose

Among these awesome offers

That I just can?t refuse!

I?m so awed and overwhelmed

That I delete the bunch,

But there?ll be more tomorrow

Let?s just call it a hunch.


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So sorry, I thought I'd left a comment here earlier :oops:

This is excellent, and the muse food for mine. It made me laugh a lot 'cause I get these day on day on day, and no matter how I train my spam filter still they keep coming!

I especially like the 'kick stand' imagery!

Thanks TR!

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