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Cops gun down emu

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That was my 1,842nd cousin Cedric :icon1:

He was always the adventurous bird, and the family thought he'd end up in trouble one day...

Thank you for your concern

Sorry, Camy, but that wasn't Cedric. Cedric's has been seen wandering around the Cosumnes River Preserve near Galt, California, which is in the Central Valley south of Elk Grove and Sacramento. I think the Emu who was shot had stolen Cedric's identity. You know how Cedric was, to put it mildly, unconcerned about what email he answered and what information he provided. Fortunately, he won't have to worry about being shot (except by cameras) where he is now. :icon13:

I suggest you try and contact him on his cell phone (assuming he hasn't let the batteries run down, as usual!) and tell him that he should stay right there and enjoy himself. And stay away from email! :sowwy:

Colin :icon1:

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You know you're just egging him on, right?

I'm sorry to say that I've seen Cedric around lately, wearing a fake fur coat and a feather boa... the feather boa's rather handsome on Cedric, but that fake fur coat... I'm not sure what Cedric's thinking.

He did say he'd been helping someone clean out his closet, though. Hmm, whatever do you suppose he meant?? -- He did offer to help me clean out my closet. It was very nice of him, and I suppose he has a built-in feather duster. He offered to show it to me... his feather duster, I mean. He seemed less interested when I said I don't have a feather duster. I can't imagine what I said to put him off.... :sigh:

Well, there is one other thing you should know. Cedric's seeing a chicken. Alright, it's a rooster. I'm not much judge of roosters, but this one keeps saying he's not a rooster, that we should say he's a cock rooster. Finally, I got a bit annoyed, and told him that there was no need to underline it, I'd known Cedric for some weeks now, and Cedric had come out the first day we met... he was never much for being cooped up, I'm sure.

Cedric might have bandied that about to half the internet by now. You know how he's always crowing about this or that.

Don't let it all ruffle your feathers. I feel sure Cedric will find a better rooster and get out of such trouble before his problems come home to roost.

...Cedric just called. He wants to perch here tonight. He said something about the early bird catches the worm. When I said I wasn't sure what he meant, he said he was just yolking.

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...Cedric just called. He wants to perch here tonight.

Cedric always was a bit 'strange', we tried, oh lord how we tried - but no, he was just oddly different to the rest.

I'm glad to hear he's camping out at Blue's :icon1:

PS if you could ask him to send the feather boa back post haste, his grandfather misses it.

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:w00t: I figured it out!

Ostriches are the ones that hide their head in the sand.

Emu are the ones that don't hide it because they have such good head.

Is that right Camy?


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