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Trick, by Trab

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A story first for Trab, Trick is his Halloween offering in our AD Halloween Festival Box. It's short and sweet, so read about Peter's one-of-a-kind Halloween night and, as always, email the author with your comments!


From Trick:

Every time he was near a good-looking guy, heck, any guy, he felt a charge of excitement. Sometimes that would lead to an embarrassing (but thrilling) stirring down below, but most often it was just a feeling of being on top of the world. Sadly, though, he?d seen some of the reactions at his school when they found out some guy was gay. Teasing was the least of the problems.

Peter had a classic case of Junior High Shyness, and he couldn?t manage to string two words together, in a social context, much less hold an actual conversation. Sure, he knew all the answers in class, but if asked to actually give an answer, he completely froze up. Saliva would build in his throat while he tried to speak, finally choking him, and he?d have to cough till it was clear again. While this, and the heart condition that kept him benched during PE, were cause for some serious teasing, it didn?t translate into any overt physical abuse. Being outed as gay, though, would be another thing altogether. The very idea terrified him.

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TRAB! :hugs: Great job!

That was a really well done story. -- You realize, of course, I'll be looking forward to more stories some time?

I'm a romantic. So I loved the ending, while at the same time, I wanted Peter to get better. -- But I loved that Peter left while knowing Bax cared for him and loved him. -- You might consider a sequel. I'm sending you a PM with an idea for that, totally optional.

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I really was enjoying this story, the courage young Peter had to overcome his shyness and get himself off to Bax's for Halloween night and then...whoosh! :icon_geek: The rug gets pulled out from under us--yeah The End, and a not so cheery one at that. Arrrrgh!! I hate endings that aren't happy. :icon_geek:

Nice job though, you had me interested from the first paragraph. :icon_geek:

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