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News and Views-December 24, 2006

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AwesomeDude News & Views December 24th, Christmas Eve 2006!

ALL VISITORS AND NEW FORUM MEMBERS, please visit the Welcome Forum in AD Forums for detailed instructions on how to get the most from Awesome Dude website and Forums! Registration is not necessary to read in the Forums.

Merry Christmas, all you fiction fans and fruitcakes-- have another slice and a glass of eggnog as you?re waiting up for Santa and all those sexy Elves---and, hey, while you?re sitting down, why don?t you catch up with all our new Awesome Dude chapters and stories!

Let?s see what?s under the AD tree?

New Serial Stories and Chapters

Wow, you?ve got a great holiday gift from WBMS! Brand new chapter of Another Day in Paradise! WBMS brings us chapter 7 in this story of teen love, friendship and?skateboarding!

And Jamie does no less, offering his timely holiday gift of Book 2 Chapter 16 of The Scrolls of Icaria!. Don't wait to unwrap this one!

Cole Parker adds spice and something nice to his Celebrations Across the Calendar with two new stories: first, a pepper-feisty April?s Fool and then Something Special, his sweet-as-candy Christmas story! Don?t miss either story and remember that this anthology updates again mid-week and on New Year?s Day.


Terry O?Reilly?s sexy and fun One Night in December updates to a shiny gift-wrapped Year Four! Showing horses and sharing love, don?t miss this wonderful gift from Terry! ! Have another cookie and read Year Four of this great story!

Our beloved Joel brings us just what we wanted with another fantastic installment of Mystery and Mayhem at St. Mark?s: chapter 11 is online!

Wow, another prezzie from Cole! Chapter 6 of new and revised Prom by busy AD Author Cole Parker!

AND Captain Rick slips chapter 8 of Sky?s the Limit into our Christmas stockings! Remember that this story, like Prom and Celebrations, will update again mid-week.

Graeme, along with a few other authors, has taken gone on hiatus for the holidays, but check back soon for great chapter updates of Heart of the Tree and other stories here at AwesomeDude!

If you?ve not read it yet, please don?t miss new AD Author Abraxas? Yuletide story: read Christmas for Joshua, a bittersweet holiday story that?ll hit the spot.

VISIT Codey's World for their 2006 Holiday Story Collection ~ by guest and hosted authors ~ their gift to you and your loved ones. Codey's World....one boy's dream.

Christmas Kisses from?

TR, who still wants a PermaPuppy for Christmas! ...and also wonders if they make PermaBoyfriends...to spec?

Thanks for taking time this holiday season to visit AwesomeDude, your premier website for gay prose and poetry, brought to you by The Awesome Dude!

"Sometimes there?s a man, I won?t say a hero because what?s a hero, but I?m talking about The Dude here, and sometimes there?s a man and he?s the man for his time and place, he fits right in there, and that?s The Dude. ? ~The Big Lebowski

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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I have rectified my error and do humbly apologize. I'd like to blame The Dude, or at least my Cats, but honor forbids. I simply...forgot. Dude did tell me, albeit briefly and apropos of nothing. It was a long night...

NOTE TO AD AUTHORS: Howsomever, it is easier (for TR and Dude) not to forget if authors remember to routinely CC the Story Editor on submissions, comments, changes, complaints, queries and chapter updates. That way, among other things, TR has a record when Upload Time comes 'round, even if he is feeling blond.

Many kisses....

TR :evilgrin:story-editor@awesomedude.com

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