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Its safer to be gay...


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I'm trying to visiualize how this happened. The fact is, most people, engaged in this activity, even ardently engaged, don't do a lot of pulling out and putting back in. One tends to stay home throughout the act as that seems to work better. So I've been told.

Then one starts to think of the vigor involved in trying to return home and doing it hard enough so as to break up a good thing. It's difficult for me to imagine how this worked. Let's say this guy somehow slipped out; let's make believe he was so incompetent, such a novice at the deed, that somehow he left the field of endeavor inappropriately. Now, how far out do you think he would come? The physics of the situation would suggest not very far, unless he was doing somethihg else wrong beside misplacing his efforts. So, to be generous, should we say, perhaps, he left the pitch (we're speaking English here, so we want to use the correct terminology) by, uh, one inch? So he's now out and about, one inch from home. It couldn't have been more than that, could it? Really, could it? I don't see how, unless he physically got up and moved about at that point, and somehow that seems unlikely. Why for goodness sakes should he?

So he's an inch away from heaven, and he decides, as the Brits say, to get on with it. Now it simply seems to me, logically thinking and all that, that from an inch away, he'd have to be awfully, awfully vigorous in trying to reestablish his position to actually break himself. I'm getting the idea, trying to visualize this, that the guy had absolutely no idea what he was doing, and his approach to the entire affair was much closer to driving piles than making love.

But that's just my opinion.


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Maybe it was an attempt at oral, and she closed her mouth at an inopportune time? You might call it a 'head on' collision.

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