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Thoughts and Prayers Needed

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Today we received an email from a very special friend, the first we had heard from him since March. For the first time ever, our friend was not upbeat. We feel certain that he won?t mind our sharing this information.

As most of you know, Johnny, aka The Carolina Scribbler (forum member name carolinascribbler), had double bypass surgery on February 23. He was recovering nicely from that surgery when, on April 3, he and his parents were in a car accident. Five days later, on Easter Sunday, Johnny?s dad died as a result of his injuries.

Johnny suffered many broken bones, including ribs, hip, wrist, and eye socket. He spent four weeks in traction, and he?s had surgeries for implanting metal plates at various places in his body. He is in a physical rehab facility and his mother is also in rehab, but it a different city.

When they are released from rehab, Johnny?s mom will move into his house and his sister will move there to take care of the two of them.

Johnny was one of the first friends of The Mail Crew, and he?s always encouraged and supported us. He holds a very special place in our hearts. Johnny wrote that his brain?s left frontal lobe, which controls emotions, received a nasty blow. Partly because of that and because of the entire situation, Johnny is experiencing many emotions, including fear and discouragement.

We ask for your thoughts and prayers for Johnny and his mother, and for his sister as she cares for them when they continue their recovery at Johnny?s house.

We will post this message at AwesomeDude, DeweyWriter and Codey?s World. Please feel free to spread it to other forums.

Thank you,

The Mail Crew

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This is awful. Johnny is one of our favorite folks here at AwesomeDude... always very supportive of AD and all of us.

Thoughts and prayers, sure... Johnny and his Mom have got em. Wish there was more we could do. Anyway... we'll be here for Johnny when he gets better.


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Johnny's a friend of Codey and myself and many of us at Codey's World.

Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family for a speedy rehab and the best recovery.

Being "different" means we can contribute something different and unique. Being "different" does not mean any of those negatives that other people, or even we, ourselves, may believe too easily.

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My condolences and even more importantly, my best wishes for both Johnny and his mother.

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hey everyone,

thank you so much for the thoughts, prayers, and good wishes. it means a lot. i've been home about week now and mom should be home next week and i can't wait.

we had a memorial service today for dad. it was tough but i made it through it. i've been missing him quite a bit lately.

all my best to everyone here!


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Sincere best wishes to you, Johnny. Life has a terrible habit of throwing people into the middle of calamity and tragedy, when you least expect it. It's stunning to reflect on how your whole life can change in two seconds (especially with something like a horrific car wreck, which I've been through once, about ten years ago).

Hang in there, and know that you can make it through this.

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