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Harry Potter premiere


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Yep, I'm definitely going to see this one at the Cinema. They're also releasing it in Imax with the last 20 minutes in Imax 3D

I'm looking forward to the book release party (on July 20th, my birthday, at midnight!) far more but do have tickets to the local July 13th IMAX opening of HP and the Order.

Now I just need a date to each... :wave:


TR :icon10:

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The movie just got some interesting reviews in the U.S. trades. The Variety critic went out of his way to point out how dark and downbeat the story was, with very little of the fun and humor of the previous films. My concern is that film #5 was made from book #5, which was the longest book... but it's the shortest film. They cut out a ton of stuff from the book in order to cram it into 2+ hours of running time, which is a drag.

I'm still biting my nails in antici........ pation of the release of book #7. I just hope some a-hole doesn't ruin the ending for me.

One MSNBC commentator predicted an interesting ending: Harry Potter defeats Voldemort by sacrificing his wizardry power, basically slamming the evil wizard with all of his power at one time, killing the baddie. But it leaves Harry now powerless, totally human. The commentator pointed out that this way, Harry has made a "supreme sacrifice," but without dying. Not a bad idea.

I'm still holding out for both Dumbledore and Uncle Sirus to be alive, and Snape to turn out to be a good guy. And I also believe that Neville Longbottom will be a crucial link in the defeat of Voldemort.*

(Jesus, am I a total geek, or what?)

* hastily edited to fix my typo!

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Like others, my copy of the book's on pre-order. Unlike others, I've only read the first book and seen all the movies.

I also want to be spoiler-free on book 7.

Personally, I hope she surprises us all with something really great.

She's done a lot toward making it "cool" for kids and teens to read books, and for supposedly "juvenile" literature to deal with much more, and be readable by juveniles and adults. Aw, heck, they're just plain enjoyable, well told tales.

(Yes, I will be reading them and a few others on my must-read list.)

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