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damn, her boyfriend is hot!


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I have this girl-friend. very nice & laughs a lot. after awhile she introduces me to her boyfriend.

WHAM! He's HAWT! :lol:

Like six-two short brown hair and the body of a surfer boy. I mean, jeeezz.... :wav:

Now whenever we hang out together I ended up drooling at him, and then manouvered myself to sit next to him, and then to talk to him. :lol:

(sigh) this is NOT healthy :icon_geek: & I'm happy to announce that I have begun my "don't drool at him pledge" which (pending it being successful) shall be continued to "stop having crush at him"

so fellas, wish me luck! :icon13:



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I'm confused Rad, and by all acounts, so are you. Are you a closeted gay, hiding behind hetero girlfriend, and now falling for the guy who is also your girlfriend's boyfriend, but their's is real and your's is fake?

BRAIN HURT :icon_geek:

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well, probably I shoul've said 'female friend' but that sounds too clynical :icon13:

Clinical sounds like you are going to examine her in a surgery.

Or did you mean cynical? :wav:

Oh Hell, just go for the drooling and if he gets wet who knows what will happen.

Keep a towel handy to wipe him down.


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